Feb 13 is 24 weeks since total knee replacement and Sam wishes her new knee a Happy Valentine’s Day

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Oh, new knee. I love you.

We had a wonderful trip to Arizona, with lots of regular movement, hiking and biking galore.

And then I got home and my physiotherapist pronounced that I don’t have to use my cane if I don’t feel I need it. My gait is pretty normal. (And yes, I’ll still use it or my hiking poles outside while it’s snowy and icy.)

I’m feeling confident now that more movement is better than less for my knee after Arizona. I’m going to try to use the trainer everyday and as soon as I can, get back to commuting to work by bike.

Strength training is going well too. I’m starting to feel more like my old self at the gym. You can see muscles in my leg again.

Happy Valentine’s new knee!

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