Finishing the January challenges

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A couple of days ago, I posted this on FB:

I am on a lot of streaks and challenges right now, lol:

getting outside for at least 23 minutes a day (harder than you think when you are tethered to zoom and don’t have a dog!)

day 30 of yoga with Adriene 30 day

7th of 8 stages of tour de zwift

day 101 wordle streak

day 66 NYT crossword streak

day 53 squardle streak

longest yet “close all my rings” apple fitness streak (52 days)

I guess I’ve found a set of daily habits I can actually do, lol. As opposed to, say, going to bed on time.

Wednesday night, I finished the YWA Centre 30 day yoga journey with the silent self-guided practice Adriene always finishes her series with. Although I’ve done the January challenge for 5 or 6 years now, this was the first time I really kept up with it, and on Day 30, it was the first time I really sunk into the joy of practicing alongside her without any words.

Thursday night, I finished all 8 stages of the Tour de Zwift. Again, the first time I’ve successfully done that. I rode with the women’s rides all the way through, and encountered some of the same people several times. Now I have new riding pals, people to throw digital kudos and “ride ons” at.

Between all these things, I’m at workout #55 so far this year. (Mostly I’m counting a short walk plus a short yoga as one, if you were wondering).

Why does this matter?

Structure, I think. I’m super stretched at work right now. I’m firing on a lot of cylinders. Having my plans for movement laid out for me takes away the faffing about — should I work out today, what should I do, I’ll do it later. But then later involves a belly full of pizza and I’m not climbing on my spin bike that way.

When I know that every day I’m walking outside some, doing at least a short yoga practice and riding at least 3 or 4 times a week, I feel more on top of things. I sleep better and I have more energy. It’s like the way I feel when I make my bed and so my dishes — some of the emotional clutter is gone, and I think better, get things done more efficiently. Even the wordle and crossword contribute to that — I’m a person who gets shit done!

I like the person I am when my structure for movement is both doable and enough. January was good. February is colder, bleaker, and I won’t have half the people around me reporting on their YWA progress. But the habits are solid enough now I know I can lean into them.

What about you? How were your January challenges? What does February hold?

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