How I shop for spring as an autumn

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shop for spring

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!  Today, I discuss how I shop for spring as an autumn palette.

When I discovered that I am actually an autumn palette and not a cool one, the challenge for warmer spring looks became evident.

We all want to wear lovely spring colors. However for some of us that is not our best look.

This is my third spring in an autumn palette and I decided to share with you what I keep in mind when I shop for spring.

I do fudge a little on the colors during spring and summer, but also enjoy wearing my true palette at that time.

So, get your Valentine chocolates, set a flower nearby and let’s talk spring clothing…rather than what to wear to dinner tonight!


shop for spring

Pantone’s Spring Trend Colors are the ones we will see most in our stores this spring.

The first way I shop for spring as an autumn is to look over the trend colors and see what I think would work.

I will watch out for Fiery Red, Tangelo, Classic Green and Blue Perennial.

I will have to see the Peach Pink, Summer Song, and Empire Yellow to know if there is anything workable there or not.

shop for spring

The core classics look better for my neutral considerations.

I do believe Vanilla Cream, Leek Green and Macchiato offer a autumn lady more options.

Now that I know what will be in stores, then I know what to look for in new collections.


shop for spring

I always find spring clothing in the fall clearance sales which are in my vibrant autumn palette.

This is why I shop for spring in the fall sales.

With Fiesta on the horizon in San Antonio, I recently picked up these two Johnny Was tops in the Dillard’s Clearance Sale.

These lean to my creative adjective among my five style adjectives and are perfect for my community events in the spring…this speaks San Antonio!

I would call this little jacket a bold gold, and the brown top is in the first picture.

I like them with the Chico’s Single Fray Ankle Jeggings in Sea Salt that I introduced you to yesterday.  These tops are lightweight and great for our spring weather during Fiesta.

They were one fourth of the original price on clearance.  

The past two years, I have discovered lovely browns, greens,  terra cotta reds, off whites that I wear all year long.

Yes, I stand out as an autumn in spring, but I look my best in my best colors….why wear anything else?

I do not mind being one of the only ladies in warm weather in a bit darker or more vibrant enriched colors.

And though navy blue has left the trend colors this year, I will continue to wear it in the spring.


shop for spring

The third way I shop for spring as an autumn is to pay attention to autumn colors in new collections at my favorite brands.

This picture was taken last year at JJILL.  They featured many warm colors when I showed up to shop spring.

At that time, I added a few of their garments to my wardrobe. 

In order to shop for spring as an autumn, I usually am on the hunt all of the time for the right colors, fabric weights and styles.

Here are a few items currently on sale and also some in new arrivals:

I also apply these guidelines when I shop for spring as an autumn in accessories.

I will watch for gold jewelry on sale, scarves in my color palette, and shoes that compliment my autumn wardrobe.

I know this is a bit of a challenge for some of you…but I like a challenge!

Would any autumn ladies like to leave their thoughts on how I shop for spring as an autumn?

shop for spring

Would love to hear your strategy as well….thanks for being here everyone…you are the best…have a day full of Valentine’s love and always…………………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

By Pamela Lutrell

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