I’m Aging Out Of Early Retirement So It’s Time For Full Retirement And Goodbye

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It has been a great ride, but I’m now aging out of early retirement. I’ll hit the official retirement age of 65 in a couple of months and have already done the mandatory signup for Medicare. While that little retirement benefit will save me a lot of money in my budget, it also depressingly makes it clear that I’ll officially be considered by governmental definitions as elderly. YIKES! 

I still feel like I am an early retiree. I used to feel like I was always 35 inside my head. Then that switched to a still youthful 55 as the years passed by and has held steady there. Feeling younger than our birthday dictates is one thing, reality the other. I’m more proud of being an early retiree than I am about my past career. A career is what we are conditioned to believe we need or have to do. Early retirement is what I decided I wanted to accomplish regardless of what the system demands. 

I’m Aging Out Of Early Retirement So It’s Time For Full Retirement And Goodbye

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I’m Aging Out Of Early Retirement, Time To Say Goodbye

The world moves quickly and we all change with it. After 13 years of early retirement and 9 years since starting Leisure Freak sharing what I did and any other tips to help others wanting to walk the path of FIRE, Leisure Freak will retire with me. It’s aging out of early retirement too.  In a way an early retirement of its own by a few months. I knew this day would come but until today it was always a tomorrow thing. But now is the right time.

Although my story and what I did to retire early is based on valid personal finance principles that still hold true today, much of my experience likely seems ancient with today’s challenges. It was painfully evident as I struggled to personally offer new relevant content. I have pretty much said all there is for me to say without sounding like an out of touch old coot

I happily accomplished much of my early retirement bucket list. There were some rewarding retirement gigs, lots of recreation, increased my social network in my community, and volunteer work. I’ve enjoyed learning all there was to having a website and sharing my early retirement story. I’ve been touched by all those who contacted me or commented that I helped them in their own journey or provided inspiration to create their own plan. I appreciate all of my Leisure Freak readers and all of the support I’ve received from my online friends and partners.

I still plan on following my favorite sites and staying in touch with my closest associates. I’ll remain reachable at my leisurefreaktommy gmail account. I’m looking forward to what comes next in retirement or I suppose what will be FIR instead of FIRE. I’m just now leaving the very worthy FIRE quest talking points to those who may offer more current experiences to meet today’s personal financial freedom challenges. 

Once again, thank you all

Leisure Freak Tommy

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