Loving the Landmine

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I’m loving being back at the gym, partly for all the equipment that’s there that I don’t have at home. It’s great to be back where there’s a squat rack for squatting and a hex bar for dead lifting. I also like the assisted pull-up and dip machine–at my gym it’s a graviton–and the lat pull down machine and a bench for bench pressing.

I know some of you have this stuff at home but I have a small house that’s full of cats and dogs and a bearded dragon. Not to mention all the people and their stuff. We’re Zwift-ing at home and doing physio and other floor exercises at home. There’s also a TRX there but for weights and strength training I’m happy to be back at the gym.

Here’s one of my favorites, the landmine.

What is it?

“A landmine is a piece of exercise equipment. It’s a barbell anchored to the floor with a weight on the other end. The angle of the bar allows you to apply force vertically and horizontally. You use a steady, controlled speed to move the barbell in a natural arc instead of in a straight line.”

From Five Landmine Exercises.

It’s great for full body movements and developing functional fitness.

Here’s 24 moves to do with the landmine. FYI, it’s often free at the gym even when it’s busy and all the other equipment is in use.

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