My shopping strategy in Cabo San Lucas

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 shopping strategy

Happy Friday!  I loved hearing from so many yesterday, so let’s keep the conversation going and discuss my shopping strategy in Cabo San Lucas.

I knew I wanted to shop when we arrived in Cabo, but also knew I would need a shopping strategy to keep my spending in check.

Let’s face it, vacations can make for a great excuse to overspend, so I wanted to make sure my shopping strategy was mindful of many things.

Thus, allow me to invite you into my mind while shopping in Cabo San Lucas….


shopping strategy

San Antonio, Texas is practically Mexico.  There are stores and market vendors who sell almost everything seen in Mexico.

Except they are not embroidered with the words “Cabo San Lucas.”

My shopping strategy was not to purchase anything in Cabo that I could find in San Antonio…unless there was a huge price difference. (More about that later)

shopping strategy

I was inspired to add a pair of flats to my wardrobe which are similar to these.

Just seeing so many in the shops reinforced my desire to have them for spring events.

However, most of the market-versions have no support and are not comfortable at all.

But with the shoes on my mind,  I returned home to go to a site called FIESTA FEET.

Click the link and you will read that the shoes are 100% made in Mexico, and the proceeds go to a home to help abused girls.

However, in Mexico I did not see any with this type of support or mission focus.

The Bon Bons have more support, so I ordered a pair and will let you know what I think.

shopping strategy

Back to my shopping strategy in Cabo.  Since I knew I wanted different items from the flea market-finds, Mr. B went with me to the mall called Luxury Avenue on the Marina.

This was similar to what we see at an American mall, yet with many different shops.

The majority of stores featured revealing beachwear and obviously selections for a younger market.

shopping stategy

However, the Pineda Covalin Boutique was stunning and met the requirements in my mind for unique luxury.

I was captivated by the silk, the designs, and the colors in this boutique.

shopping strategy

You can learn more about Pineda Covalin, by clicking this link.

The items were very pricey.  Yet, this is one of those purchases I passed by that I still dream about.

I really wish I had been able to pick up one of the scarves…but at $200-400 a scarf, I just could not justify the purchase.

Though I enjoyed the boutique immensely.

This is a good place to transition to the next point in my shopping strategy and admit that I did not purchase anything at Luxury Avenue.


shopping stategy

The next day our hosts took us to eat breakfast at a new favorite, The Office on the Beach.

Loved the setting near the ocean and the food!  I had a light veggie omelet which was delicious with fresh squeezed orange juice.

Across the path from the restaurant is a lovely Office Boutique run by a very chic, attractive woman.

There I did purchase a gorgeous cream colored linen cover up which she explained to me is the finest linen made by women in central Mexico.

She was wearing the one I purchased and it flowed to her feet smoothly with not one wrinkle.

I was drawn to her immediately.  Her salt & pepper hair was combed back into a beautiful bun with a red flower placed carefully on top. 

She wore just the right amount of makeup lighting her face with rosy cheeks and illuminated eyes…and her jewelry was stunning.

I will style the linen caftan and picture It for you as soon as I can.  The shopkeeper also showed me how to have the sides sewn a bit so that it could be worn easily as a caftan/dress to an outdoor event in warmer weather.

My many needs for the wedding and upcoming events were ever on my mind and guided my shopping purchases.

Perhaps if I did not currently have so many needs I would have purchased a Pineda Covalin scarf…but right now “needs” rose to the top of the shopping strategy.

However, the boutique next to The Office is called Bloom Mexican Concept Store, and I immediately could tell the owner had a chic, modern eye.

The lovely young lady assisting me proudly proclaimed, “that is my sister!” when I complimented the buyer for the store (who I said had a chic classy eye for fashion).

shopping stategy

The small shop featured many warm weather handbag designs, similar to the ones I have been looking at online over several American brands.

But the prices were much, much better than the online versions I have been eyeing.

For that reason, I purchased two.

shopping strategy

Though these are not as stunning as the one featured from the mall, I am so excited about both of them.

They meet my needs and my wants for the outfits this spring and summer.  Both have straps and can be made to wear as crossbody bags.

I also purchased a hat at this boutique…on Sunday, I will share with you the hack that brought my hack home in perfect condition.

I could’ve bought four bags for the price of the one bag at the specialty store above.  

The print on that bag and the fact that it is surrounded by black leather limits how many outfits I could wear it with.

I am confident I made the right decision.


shopping strategy

My shopping strategy included contentment.  Though I was only purchasing needs for my 2023 outfit list, I decided to enjoy each moment of what I saw.

Many times, appreciating fashion is just like going to an art museum.

shopping strategy

Inside Luxury Avenue, Is a shop for Mexican artist, Sergio Bustamante.

I really enjoyed looking at his artwork and jewelry creations…so talented…and it took my mind away from what I could not purchase to pure pleasure of the art.

Back to contentment…a happy place.

shopping strategy

shopping strategy

With art appreciation in mind and rumbling in our tummies, we left the mall and went to the other side of the marina for lunch at Arts & Sushi.

A beautiful eatery full of artwork and right on the water.  I even saw a huge seal pop up his head up for scraps while we were sitting there.

Pelicans were tormenting the boaters further down.

shopping strategy

We ordered three sushi rolls to share and I highly recommend the one on the menu called NO NAME.

It was by far my favorite and recommended by the waiter.

shopping strategy

Part of my shopping strategy is to never shop on an empty stomach!

I realize I did not return with many items, but I am very pleased with the four items I brought home.

The purse purchases have saved me money in the long run and are colors I can use often.

That was my shopping strategy for this trip and being mindful and aware of it really helped me to have no regrets.

Please add any thoughts you may have…plan to join Jennifer and me tomorrow for WOULD YOU WEAR IT...and always 


By Pamela Lutrell

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shopping strategy

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