The Most Wearable Color Trends You’ll Love This Spring

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Spring colors are just what the doctor ordered to perk up both our wardrobes and our spirits after months of dreary, cold, and drab winter weather. As someone who loves and wears neutrals most of the time, these shades are a breath of fresh air and are inspiring me to try new things. Pantone is the “authority” on what colors will be popular each season and reports on the fashion color trends that walked down runways. The trend report for Spring/Summer 2023 for New York Fashion Week describes the coming colors as uplifting brights to ultra-calm tints that are recalibrated, highlighting the expression of individualism in unexpected ways. What does that mean for us? Not a whole heck of a lot if the colors aren’t readily available. Today, I’m joining my friend Susan to chat about some of the most wearable spring color trends for spring 2023.

Uplifting colors

Wearable Spring Color: Vivid Magenta

Pantone has chosen Vivid Magenta as the color of the year for 2023. If you’re on social media, you’ll already find 1.8M posts for #magenta. It’s described as powerful and empowering. Pantone calls this “a nuanced crimson-red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool.

With spring right around the corner, I’m seeing some red in the stores, but not a ton. Most are in red and white stripes, which is a classic spring pairing. If you have a winter seasonal color palette, you may love this when it has a blue/cool base. Magenta is typically pinkish red/purple, but what you see in the stores will vary. Brands put their own name on colors, so you should go by your eye and what flatters you. Case in point, this Eileen Fisher top.

Eileen Fisher calls this magenta, but it looks closer to Beetroot Purple to me, which is another wearable Pantone color for spring 2023

If you love brights, you’ll love many things popping up on the racks this spring. I always recommend stocking up on colors you love while they’re trending because you’ll get the most plentiful selection.

Wearable Spring Color: Beetroot Purple

What seems more plentiful than magenta right now, is Beetroot Purple. This is a vivid pinkish/purple which tends to lean cool. This shade flatters cool-toned complexions best, but as always, you should wear what you love that makes you feel confident.

Here are a few pieces I’ve found in this shade-

Wearable Spring Color: Blue Perennial

Blue, specifically Blue Perennial, will be very popular this spring. There’s always a lot of blue in the stores, but I’m seeing more than ever lately. Brands will call these blues by various names, so I would go by how they look on you and choose the one that flatters your skin tone best.

Blue perennial is described as a denim-like shade of blue, which of course, tells us nothing because denim comes in every shade imaginable. There is a flattering blue for every complexion. This shade shown would be great for women with cool undertones and mid-intensity.

More blue things I’ve spotted-

Wearable Spring Color: Classic Green

This reminds me of the green Kate Spade used in some of her original collections. They describe it as a nourishing green with health-giving properties. If you love the preppy style you’ll find lots of classic green pieces to work into your wardrobe plus touches of it on everything from handbags to sneakers.

This green would work for a winter seasonal color palette if the base has more blue than yellow and for a spring if it’s warmer. It’s pretty saturated so it makes a big statement.

More green I spotted-

Ultra-calm tints

Wearable Spring Color: Skylight Blue

Skylight Blue is another trending color that’s described as a “pure and water-cleansing aqua”. This color will flatter those of us with lower personal contrast in our coloring.

Pantone is calling Skylight Blue one of the core classic colors for spring which are calm, quiet colors that suggest a quiet presence. You’ll find it in various intensities.


Here are a few things in shades that appear Skylight Blue. This shade could swing warm or cool, depending on the undertones, and is flattering for women with soft and low-contrast coloring.

See also- How To Find Your Personal Contrast Level And Why It Matters

More pale blue I spotted-

Wearable Spring Color: Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose is a clear pink that’s said to convey modern romance. There’s a flattering pink for every complexion. Much of what I’m finding has more yellow, which makes it warmer like a peach shade.

As we get further into spring, more pinks wil become available.

Wearable Spring Color: Lilac’s

Pantone called out Gray Lilac this spring, but I’m seeing more lilac in brighter shades. This may have something to do with delayed deliveries of last spring’s Veri Peri or simply that so many women love it for spring. I could not resist this one and can’t wait to break it out with some white in Miami.


Stores are notorious for having yellow lighting, which makes it almost impossible to see the true color of items. Then, of course, we have a few brands who are notorious for colorizing their images for their catalog and website, which changes the color entirely. How fun would these pants be for a wedding this spring or summer?

More lilac I’ve spotted:

I always recommend stocking up on colors you love while they’re trending because you’ll find the most plentiful selection.

If a sweater, jacket, or pants in one of these colors feels too much, but you’d like to experiment with it, try adding a touch of it in your accessories

Let’s check out what Susan is thinking about the new colors for spring here at une femme d’un certain âge.

What colors appeal to you for spring/summer 2023?

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