Top Ten January 2023 Posts, #ICYMI

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This is list is striking for two things. So many of the posts are from years past! I also love how many are written by guests. If you’d like to join our community of occasional guest bloggers read this post.

The most popular post of January was Cate on still menstruating 

Catherine’s Yoga poses I simply can’t do, and what I do instead was 2nd.

The 3rd most read post was Tracy’s on the many shapes athletic bodies can take.

Pain and the Human Playground by Sam was 4th.

Keeping Fit While Healing from a Hysterectomy was our 5th most read post, from Marjorie.

I walk 20K steps a day… and I’m getting rid of my Fitbit by Michelle was 6th.

The 7th most read post was Catherine’s post about the need to ditch the word ‘obese.’

In the spirit of changing the way we talk, our 8th most read post was Sam saying we should stop talking about women athletes’ slut strands,

The 9th most read post was Sam on the different messages told by articles in women’s magazines and by their advertisers.

And timely for New Year’s was Kate’s guest post on resolutions, This Time I Mean It: New Year’s Resolutions, Self-Forgiveness, and Fitness.

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