Zodiac x Huckberry Give the GMT a Lefty Twist: All the Details on the Duo’s Latest Collaboration

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Zodiac x Huckberry Give the GMT a Lefty Twist All the Details on the Duo's Latest Collaboration

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A limited-edition watch designed for land, air, sea—and southpaws.

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Technically speaking, you can swear a watch on either wrist. But watches made specifically for left-handed people (also called “destros”, from the Italian word for right) are enjoying a bit of a moment, prized by southpaws for their practicality, sure, but also by horology buffs who never had to contend with speciality scissors. Destros feature a crown on the opposite side of the case so that they’re easier to wind for lefties, a flourish that prevents them from bumping against the back of the arm. 

Following the release of Rolex’s hotly-anticipated lefty GMT-Master II, Swiss watch brand Zodiac is getting in on the action, too, partnering with the lifestyle retailer Huckberry on a slick, blacked-out diver designed to appeal to the left-handed crowd. 

Zodiac x Huckberry Super Sea Wolf GMT Pro-Diver watch

The Zodiac x Huckberry Super Sea Wolf GMT Pro-Diver watch—a special release limited to less than 300 units—combines the timezone-tracking function of Zodiac’s Aersopace GMT with the diving capabilities of the brand’s Super Sea Wolf. As an homage to the latter’s origins as an underwater companion, the Pro-Diver features a helium gas escape valve, a detail typically reserved for professional divers. (Here, it acts as more of a neat spec on an already neat watch.) The all-black face is complemented by hints of orange in a nod to Huckberry’s signature color, and while the 42-millimeter case might wear a bit big for some wrists, the legibility it offers is primo should you actually, you know, find yourself squinting at your wrist underwater.

Despite its nifty features (luminous indexes, water-resistance up to 300 meters), the Pro-Diver works swell as a day-to-day ticker, though it’s probably not the type of chronometer you’d bust out with a tux. You can grab the limited-edition Zodiac x Huckberry Super Sea Wolf GMT Pro-Diver watch from either Zodiac’s or Huckberry’s website—but don’t be surprised if your right-handed buddies beat you to it first. 

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