Amazon Is Offering 29% Off This Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer

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Using a pressure washer to deep clean outdoor surfaces can be cathartic. The power and precision of these machines can erase months or years of grime, renewing your outdoor space so you can comfortably lounge and enjoy a meal in the warm weather. If you haven’t experienced this pleasure of blasting a mildew-covered deck with pressurized water, you can now for relatively little money; Amazon has slashed the price of this Greenworks 2,000-PSI Electric Pressure Washer from $159 to $112.

A pressure washer can save you water, time, and money compared to, say, using a regular garden hose to water your lawn. As a bonus, this electric model from Greenworks is much quieter than gas-powered alternatives. Its 13-AMP motor produces 2,000 pounds per square inch of cleaning power, making it ideal for tackling stained decks and driveways. You also get a 35-foot power cord (compatible with most household outlets) and a 25-foot pressure hose, giving you generous reach around your home.

Greenworks 2000 Max PSI Electric Pressure Washer

2000 Max PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Greenworks 2000 Max PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Now 29% Off

On the front of the unit is a garden hose water inlet, while 10-inch off-road-style wheels allow you to move the 31.9-pound pressure washer with ease. This model also includes a rotary switch to turn it off and on quickly, and a wand with rubber grips, making it more comfortable to hold and maneuver.

Additionally, this Greenworks pressure washer comes with three nozzles: one for soap to wash your car, one that sprays in 25 degrees, and one in 40 degrees. The 40-degree nozzle is wider and less intense, allowing you to cover a larger surface with each pass. The 25-degree nozzle is more intense but not as wide, making it an excellent option for more general tasks, like cleaning a walkway.

Bone up on the safety risks of using a pressure washer if you do buy. (Our guide for the best pressure washers includes important tips, like what nozzles to use and how to avoid damaging specific surfaces around your home.) Once you do, this deal from Amazon will allow you to experience the joy of blasting dirt and mold off your home’s siding—while saving money.

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