Clothes shopping tips in a weak economy – Part 2

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clothes shopping tips

Happy Fashion Friday and last day of March 2023!  Let’s keep discussing clothing shopping tips in a weak economy, Part 2.

2023 has been another learning year for me.  Sharpening my style and learning more about clothing shopping tips.

In Part 1, I began clothing shopping tips in a weak economy like most of us live in currently.  

We began with Tip 1 and Tip 2.

Today, let’s take those tips as the foundation to go a little further into your shopping experience.


clothes shopping tips

TIP #3

Put your wardrobe needs and your style adjectives (see yesterday’s post) in your phone before shopping, so they are at your fingertips.

The key to a successful wardrobe is learning how to mix old and new pieces together in many ways, so that a weak economy does not really touch your clothing choices.

In her book Forever Chic, Tish Jett writes:

“As Karl Lagerfeld said, “Reinvent new combinations of what you already own.  Improvise.  Become more creative.  Not because you have to, but because you want to…”

Frenchwomen of a certain age “recast” their favorite pieces.  Their creativity in mixing the old with the new or the old with the old in new ways is a lesson in eternally evolving elegance.”

Of course, if you have built a wardrobe on style adjectives and the messages you want to send about you with your clothes, then this technique is easier.

Your wardrobe mixes together much better if it is built on your own style and on your best colors.

Smart shopping is founded on an understanding of who you are...your unique style.

This is also how you get a lower cost per wear when shopping for pieces that will mix with your current style.

clothes shopping tips

See if this scenario has ever happened to you….

You see online a woman in an outfit you absolutely love and you think…I want to be that woman.

So you purchase the outfit, and put it on, and it doesn’t look anything like what you saw in the picture.

It saddens you…you beat yourself up a little…rather than thinking it just might be the clothes…not you…that is the issue.

So now you either have to take time to return the clothes or waste the money.

I recommend when you see those photos to stop and do this evaluation before you hit a shopping cart:

  1. What is the age and size of the woman wearing the outfit? (Sometimes our minds are manipulated through advertising to think a certain way that is not who you really are)
  2.  What adjectives does that outfit speak to you…does it match with your own?
  3.  Is the outfit in your personal best color palette?
  4.  Does the outfit go with the rest of your wardrobe…or would it stand alone?  (Sometimes a special event warrants a stand alone purchase, but our wardrobe should have few of these looks)
  5. Does the outfit reflect a lifestyle reality for you or does it represent a life you “wish” you had?  Why do you think you would want to be that woman?
  6. Can you think of at least three different ways you would wear it or three different places you would wear it?

Clothes shopping tips in a weak economy must include evaluation and less shopping therapy!


clothes shopping tips

TIP #4

In a weak economy, we must all be aware of our budgets.  Shop with money you have, not with credit you grow.

Of course, credit cards are fine, if you know it will be immediately paid.  

I always recommend that you sign up for emails and/or texts from your favorite retailers, so that you get immediate notices of sales and clearances. 

Smart shopping says to be on the front of that and not left out of it.

These four clothes shopping tips are the foundation of smart shopping in a weak economy…or otherwise.

I know I said today would cover fashion retailing, but it got to be long as well.

On Monday, my last post in this series will be a big one including fashion retailers around the theme is how to honor ourselves over 50 with our shopping. 

It will address fast fashion vs. high end fashion, and what I am currently experiencing as I shop.

Tomorrow, of course, Jennifer and I will return with a styling challenge.  These have been fun to read what everyone would do with the outfits.

Please comment on today’s post…does anyone know how many different looks you can get out of your own current wardrobe…you might be surprised…now make sure that you…


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clothes shopping tips

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