Get out of your fitness rut and try a new thing this spring

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Normalize learning new physical skills like ballet, gymnastics, ice skating etc… as an adult. Not everyone has had the privilege to be able to do those extracurricular activities as a kid, it’s okay to start as an adult but people pretend like it’s impossible.

Occasionally we share something on our Facebook page that gets lots of people excited. The tweet above certainly did. More than 500 people liked it. So many comments! In many ways it’s one of the key ideas of the blog and of the book that Tracy and I wrote. In the book I describe myself as an “adult onset athlete” and Tracy talks about triathlon as her big, new thing in her run up to her 50th birthday.

Along with “start small” and “do something you love,” “never be afraid to learn something new” is one of the persistent themes of the blog as well.

I’ve blogged about rowing and team sports as new things for me.

Catherine’s recently blogged about the A-Z gym classes she would definitely take.

Learning new things is a bit of thing for me. This year I even chose “growth” as my Word of the Year: “I want to expand in lots of different ways. I want to learn new things, make some new friends, discover some new music, travel to new places, read some new authors, and think about new problems. I want to challenge myself to think big and take risks. I’m not sure yet what the specific fitness applications of this new focus will be but I’m open to ideas.” For more WOTY choices in 2023 see here.

What’s on my “new things” wish list?


Facebook page followers who commented say they want to try gymnastics, basketball, cross country skiing, rugby, roller derby, ballet, sailboat racing, martial arts, tap dancing, and swimming.

How about you?

Learned something new today

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