How San Antonio Shops for Fiesta

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shop for Fiesta

Happy March Tuesday, all!  Today, I thought it would be fun to share with you how San Antonio shops for Fiesta.

Now, there are many ways to shop for Fiesta, but Leigh Ann and I are fans of The Fiesta Store at North Star Mall.

It is 40,000 square feet of fun, and creations from artisans in Mexico. 

Fiesta San Antonio is our community’s largest celebration and has been for well over 130 years.

The first parade was in 1891 held to honor the heroes from the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto.

You might enjoy reading THE HISTORY OF FIESTA.

One of the celebrations largest events is The Battle of Flowers Parade which is the largest parade in the country overseen by all women.

Fiesta is now a 10 day event, and this year will be celebrated April 20-30.

So, come shopping with Leigh and Me and see how we shop for Fiesta.

How San Antonio Shops for Fiesta: Accessories

shop for Fiesta

Leigh Ann has a wedding to attend and was searching for a small, colorful bag to carry with an artisan appeal.

So, that is the reason we went to shop for Fiesta earlier than normal. 

shop for Fiesta

The Fiesta Store has so many beautiful artisan creations that it was difficult for her to make a decision.

And difficult for the owner of the store because they hang all of the handbags from the ceiling, so he has to get down every one you want to see close up.

He was very patient as she looked over each bag, but ultimately selected the orange one at the top to compliment her bright yellow dress she plans for this wedding.

shop for Fiesta

You can shop online at The Fiesta Store, but know it will take time to see it all whether you are online or in store.

From hand-painted hats, to hair accessories, to belts, scarves, and jewelry…the accessories there are abundant …and fun.

I have told you before that we are a colorful community…and you see it on full display when you shop for Fiesta here.

How San Antonio Shops for Fiesta: Tops

shop for Fiesta

I went to The Fiesta Store to shop for Fiesta tops.

These would be worn at casual events…the parade, neighborhood celebrations, etc. with denim crops or even shorts.

Sometimes the Battle of Flowers Parade can get very hot and dressing cool is a must unless you are hosted by one of the businesses along the route.

The blouses are made by artisans in Mexico, and size can vary…but there are so many to choose from and many have gorgeous embroidery.

You would be surprised at how affordable they are…this top was $36…as compared to designer brands that look similar.

I plan to wear this with the green pants I brought home from JJILL.

shop for Fiesta

You may think I am nuts, but I really liked this top.

Despite the embellishment in the middle.  It was a beautiful fabric and fit well.

Leigh Ann understood why I liked it though she also questioned the thing in the middle.

I took home this one and the one above.

shop for Fiesta

I wanted to show you the lovely work on the collar of this one…it just did not fit right at the bottom.

As I said, the creators are in Mexico and I love most of the work.  There are some clothing options which are very expensive.

shop for Fiesta

For some reason the embellishment above did not bother me, but the two flowers in the middle area here did.

I think it is because it draws the eye right to the stomach …where I don’t want the eye!

You can see that even the dressing rooms are fun when you shop for Fiesta at the actual Fiesta Store.

How San Antonio Shops for Fiesta: Fashion Inspiration

shop for Fiesta

There is fashion inspiration all around when you shop for Fiesta1

So many different ways to go with outfits…including dresses and skirts.

shop for Fiesta

I hope to attend at least one of the fashion shows this year and share more with you…they are always fun.

I have not been for a couple of years, but hoping 2023 is the big return!

shop for Fiesta

Not all women look like the Fiesta Royalty whose dresses can be over $40,000 and are displayed in museums.

But, we do look our colorful best during that time.

shop for Fiesta

There is also a wedding section, but I plan to do my look and makeup a bit differently from what I saw there!  (That’s a joke!)

Thanks for going to shop for Fiesta with Leigh Ann and me.  

Please leave any comments or questions…I hope you had a good time!


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shop for Fiesta

With Fiesta and flowers, spring is the best time to visit San Antonio!

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