How to style cargo pants

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cargo pants

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to our new Saturday feature where you become the fashion stylists.  For me today, it is How to Style Cargo Pants.

Jennifer and I are now looking for fashion displays where we want to tap into your styling talents.

Each of us will ask you… How to Style… a different fashion piece.

Now, don’t worry that you don’t own the garment or plan on buying the garment…just answer how you would style it.

For me today, we are looking at an old style...reworked into a new trend…cargo pants.

This particular mannequin from LOFT got me to thinking about the current trend.

As is the case here, cargo pants are sometimes called utility pants with similar designs.

Cargo Pants are distinguished by the number of pockets (usually you find them down on the legs) and the size of the pockets.

It is mostly a casual pant…however, many fashionistas of all ages like to dress up their cargo pants and wear them out.

They are very popular right now and I selected some for you to think about as you ponder how you would style the pant.

I also desired for you to see that cargo pants come in a variety of styles…colors…fabrics.

So, put on your most creative thinking caps and consider how you would style cargo pants…or perhaps how you do style them.


cargo pants

I used this picture last week to demonstrate how I style spring florals…but underneath the amazing Bryn Walker Anja Silk Floral Print Sheer Short Sleeve Cardigan are my cargo pants.

I love a slim fitting cargo pant and have worn them for a long time…so glad to see them back on trend. Mine are older JJILL cargo pants.

So, perhaps this is enough to get your mind going…….



how to style

The JJILL WEAREVER EASY CARE TRENCH JACKET has by far been a top seller on over 50 feeling 40 for the past two weeks.  And buyers like the Saffron color!

Also top selling items from JJILL were the OTTOMAN KNIT TOP and the TWEED DOMAN SLEEVE SWEATER.

This week, the top selling items included these two items…

how to style

Finally, the top post this week…with many comments and diversity of thought…was the discussion, CAN EVERYDAY MATURE WOMEN BECOME ELEGANT?

You might want to add your thoughts as well after you complete our two styling assignments!

So, tell us about cargo pants…then go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and see what Jennifer has….enjoy your spring Saturday…and make sure that you


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how to style

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