How To Wear Polka Dots For Grown Women

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Mireille, from our Ageless style group, thought that polka dots or spots would be a fun idea for styling with our spring looks. With this in mind, I came up with 3 ways how to wear polka dots for grown women from a simplified to a more elaborate approach.

Quote of the day: “I believe you have to be willing to be misunderstood if you’re going to innovate.” Jeff Bezos

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have heard the story I shared: “From age 22-49, I would never have worn polka dots.
Too girly and not serious enough for a professional woman. It wasn’t until a friend gave me a polka dot blouse after I retired did they start appearing in my closet.”

When I look back now, I think it’s sad that I limited my clothing choices because of a fear of how a certain print would make me look. Because in all reality, it’s just a print on an inanimate piece of material and we should wear what we like.
It’s this message of wearing what we like that I have learned over these last 10 years and hope to share with everyone.

And that’s the idea behind our Ageless style group. Which is why I loved the idea of how to wear polka dots for grown women.

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Polka Dots and Solids

Navy and pink for older women
Dress: Hamie & Layla -preloved~~ Capris: Style & Co~~ Top: Charter Club~~ Shoes: Top Siders-Famous Footwear ~~ Purse: Target ~~Hat: Sun & Sail

More polka dot dresses:

Lesley starts out our idea of how to wear polka dots by pairing them with solid pieces in her outfit. In fact, I love what she said about this look: “I wear this dress often in summer months since it is sleeveless and putting over a tee (harkening back to “Jumpers” I wore often in high school ) was not a look I could see me wearing again at my age.  HA!!  The joke is on Lesley.  I not only can wear it, but like the “Coastal Granny” vibe it has with the capris and sun hat.

I know that the simple part of styling a print is to match it to a solid color. Since we have done this for most of our adult life, I think it’s fabulous if we go above and beyond that to a degree.
For Lesley, I applaud her option of wearing a pink hat instead of just a natural straw one.

On top of that, there is some print mixing in the look…


I’m always so happy when either Lesley or my mom will try their hand at print mixing. It’s really a good brain exercise and can look amazing. Lesley gets a round of applause for bringing a tropical print purse that creates such a fabulous outfit.

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Polka Dots and More Polka Dots

Woman over 80 and how to wear polka dots
Jeans: Braintree~~ Jacket: Talbots-Clothes Mentor ~~ Top: no label-from Japan ~~ Shoes: Daisy Fuentes~~ Scarf: Goodwill~~ Earrings: Clothes Mentor~~ Purse: Attention-thrifted~~ Beret: thrifted

More polka dot toppers:

Now my mom gets a huge hug and a standing ovation for putting together this outfit. Especially because she started off just copying her look from years ago here. I nixed that idea and asked her to wear a more colorful pair of pants.

And this look is amazing. The jeans instead of black pants instantly make her look 10 years younger. Then the double polka dots on her top half look so great together. And on top of that, she wore a polka dot scarf around her lapels that bring in the pink from the jeans!!

Insider tip: Print mixing is easier when you pair prints of the same colors together. Charlotte did this in black and white.

Take a gander at the top she wore today and compare it to the one when she wore the black pants. It’s the same top, just reversible. She bought it when she was visiting Japan years ago, and I love how it can still be stylish to this day.
In fact, if you read my Spring Trends report for 2023, you’ll remember that sheer is one of the trends seen on the fashion runways.


My mom likes to take a theme and run with it if she likes it. And she obviously likes polka dots, because she even wore polka dot socks from Dollar General, no less.
It’s hard to see in the light, but the sneakers are covered in glitter. There is just no reason not to wear our bling any and every day.

Other glitter sneakers:

How to Wear Polka Dots with Leopard

Faux fur wrist accessories
Pants: Banana Republic~~ Vest: Old Navy (kids section)~~ Hoodie: Banana Republic~~ Shoes: Jambu “Sandy” code Jtouch20~~ Wristlets: Amazon~~ Earrings: Alison & Aubrey~~ Purse: Amazon~~Hat: I knitted it

Polka dot pants:

When Mireille first suggested this theme of how to wear polka dots, she called them dots or spots. So I decided to take that literally and pair my polka dots with leopard.

I think this worked spectacularly because the leopard pants have a warm hue to them, and go well with the yellow polka-dot vest.

Insider tip: This combination is a neutral print (the leopard) paired with a color print. This works best when both pieces are either warm or cool-based. Mine are warm.


I decided to wear my belt bag as a sling bag since that is a stylish way to wear them right now (per my Spring Styles for 2023 article). Adding that then made me think to add the wrist warmers to copy the brown color in the look.

And we were walking this day at the botanical gardens, so I wore my compression socks and super comfy Jambu sneakers. These are called the “Sandy” and I have a code Jtouch20 that you can use until the end of April.

3 women wearing polka dots

Ageless Style: How to Wear Polka Dots

These are the women who are getting creative with how to wear polka dots (or spots) on their blogs. It’s always so inspirational to see other women have fun with their closets. I hope you pop over and check them out.
And we don’t all post at the same time, so make sure to check back if their post isn’t up yet.

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How to wear polka dots

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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