Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: Visiting the Venue

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Happy Monday, friends!  Let’s return to the Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: Visiting the Venue.

This Mother-of-the-Groom is enjoying the process so much.

Each time I am with the parents of the bride, I get more and more excited for us to be in the same family.

They are a wonderful couple and have raised an amazing, intelligent, creative, strong woman.  My son is a lucky man.


I was thrilled that they wanted us to visit the venue and see it through the eyes of the bride and groom!

It will be an outdoor wedding, if all goes as planned, and it will be so lovely and fun.

The date for visiting the venue was put on the calendar a couple of weeks ago and it was St. Patrick’s Day.

The mother-of-the-bride is in knee replacement surgery today, so our evening together had to be Friday.

I did not want my fall to set us back or cancel the get together…so as I said yesterday, I participated through the pain…and it was worth it.

Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: What I Wore


I knew for this gathering that I wanted the mother-of-the-groom to look casual chic.

So when I found another lovely washable Italian silk outfit with palazzo pants at our Elizabeth’s Boutique in a lovely merlot (burgundy) color, I wanted it in my wardrobe.

Note: I encourage any San Antonio mother-of-the-bride or mother-of -the-groom to go to this boutique…you will love it.

Even though my outfit choice wasn’t green on an evening where most everyone was in green, I felt very comfortable and confident in it….as the mother-of-the-groom.

My FitFlop Lulu Ombre Glitter Wedge Sandal pulled the pants up off the ground so I did not worry about tripping on them and felt confident and solid walking in them with my injury.


I have been watching this lovely Southern Living Pearl Torsade Pendant Statement Necklace for a long, long time at Dillard’s.

My new role as Mother-of-the-Groom gave me the excuse I was looking for to add it to my accessories and I love it.

I paired it that night with the Southern Living Open Hinge Bracelet…which I loved wearing and It did not bother me at all.

The gold crossbody bag with sequins is a Patricia Nash bag I recently found on a clearance rack at Dillard’s for way less than on the Patricia Nash site.

I also was using a coupon off provided through my Dillard’s account that day.

However, you can find it on their site ….the Portafina Frame Crossbody Bag.

Below, I have more about the fashions I saw at dinner and what made dinner so much fun that evening.

Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: Testing Make-Up


As the mother-of-the-groom in for a long weekend of activities during a warm time of year, I began to consider my makeup.

I wanted it to stick with me…deliver a youthful glow..and trust that it would keep me looking nice until the end.

Full disclosure…I am not working for Jones Road in any capacity.

But, I desired to test the brand because I have worn Bobbi Brown for about 10 years and liked the makeup.

When she sold her company and announced Jones Road as a perfect option for mature women with a clean, no-makeup look…naturally, I was intrigued.

My biggest complaint with makeup as I inch closer to the big 7-0, is that it doesn’t look natural, and settles into every new wrinkle to enhance the appearance of aging.


I decided to order three products and test them on the evening mother-of-the-groom activity.

Bobbi Brown previously had a cream eyeshadow color that I loved called Suede…it is more difficult to find now…sometimes it is on Amazon.

This eyeshadow color is similar….THE BEST EYESHADOW in the color ASH…which pops my hazel eyes like crazy!

I also desired to try the MIRACLE BALM.

The site will assist in selecting a shade and mine is called Miami Beach!  It looks more coral on the website than in the container…but was perfect for my shading.

Finally, of course I wanted to try the WHAT THE FOUNDATION.  It is amazing…you know it’s there, but you don’t really see it other than to have a lovely glow and smoothness to the face.

My shade is Porcelain.

The great news for me was that I looked the same at the beginning and end of the evening…it endured!

Once again in my life, the woman Bobbi Brown has impressed me with her products and I do recommend for any mother-of-the-groom…or bride!

Mother-of-the-Groom Journey:  The Evening


It was reassuring to see how lovely the venue is inside and outside…so if it does rain, there are beautiful options.


The bride’s mother also showed me where the wedding party will get dresses and be provided with hair and makeup specialists.

I have elected to do my own makeup.  So many times when I have younger women do it, they put on too much and it ages me.

But, I am going to allow a stylist to smooth out my hair.

But, the best part of the evening was dinner……..


There was a band in the main dining room all evening and, boy, this lovely lady could sing.

She even sang a love song for the bride and groom.

Mostly her repertoire included oldies and I knew them all.  She noticed I was singing along and actually stuck the microphone in my face at one point.

Scary…but I sang along with her and it was fun.

The music was so exceptional, people began to dance….and the woman who fell on her behind and the woman scheduled for knee replacement were also on the dance floor!

That was me working through the pain with a smile on my face.  Music uplifts me every time.  

I loved that our families did this and look forward to us dancing together in May at the big event.

I also watched women of a certain age dancing and enjoying an evening of fun.

As I long time fashion blogger, I now can recognize where I believe women shop…so here is how I identify the styles I saw our ages wearing that night.

There was an Eileen Fisher Woman; a J Crew Woman; an Anthropologie Woman; a Ming Wang woman; and lots of green and, also, black.

The Anthropologie woman was celebrating a her 56th birthday…she was petite, skinny, lively, shiny gray hair, and wore a top I have seen on the site in green lace.

She was having a great evening with her friends.

Casual chic was the attire of the evening for all of us…while we looked “special occasion” we were not over the top.


One more mother-of-the-groom event under my belt and it has been so much fun already!  Thank you to the host and hostess for the evening…great time.

And thank you for being here……..


Pamela Lutrell

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