One month fitness countdown to my next knee replacement. Yikes!

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Today is Monday, March 6th.

Last Monday, February 27th, I spent the morning at the hospital, London’s University Hospital, getting my left knee checked out by the surgical team. It’s been 6 months since total knee replacement surgery. While there we discussed the timeline for the next surgery, total knee replacement of my right knee. I left thinking it would be sometime before September. I kind of had July in my mind.

And then the next day they phoned. It’s April 11th. Wowsa.


So I am rescheduling my life, cancelling some trips and conferences, and getting ready for another 6-12 weeks off work. And MORE PHYSIO!

For example, I’m now not going to this great looking conference. If post secondary education is your thing, you should go and tell me all about it.

What are universities for?

I am also not judging the National Ethics Bowl in Canada.

I am going to spend the next month getting ready for surgery.

That means…

  • Physio, physio, and more physio. It’s rehab and prehab at the same time.
  • Personal training for strength, mobility, and balance and general fitness. (I’m adding in a bunch of extra sessions.)
  • Taking iron supplements and eating lots of green, leafy veggies to get my iron levels up
  • Getting lots of rest

I’m doing better at getting the same amount of sleep each night rather than wildly inconsistent amounts, after reading about the health risks of inconsistent sleep schedules.

Sleep tracking
  • Collecting the walker, knee ice machine etc from friends who’ve also had knee replacement surgery in the past month
  • Organizing my life at work so things are ready for an Acting Dean to step in
  • Cleaning and organizing the house as much as possible
  • Finding people to help out. This surgery is the day my mum leaves for England for two weeks and we’re on dog duty so we are reshuffling things in the family so other adult kids can step in.
  • Sneaking in some things before surgery that I can’t do after such as a spa day
  • Luckily I don’t need any special pillows!
  • Making stacks of books and lists of things to watch while I recovery.

I was amused to see this colouring book but I don’t think I need it!

New Knee New Me Colouring Book

Wish me luck!

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