Things I Order From Amazon All the Time

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It occurs to me that I order more things from Amazon than almost any other retailer. I admit that their speedy delivery is a huge part of it, but they also carry a lot of beauty products, personal care products, vitamins, and home care products, making it a one-stop shop for so many things I use. I thought it’d be interesting to share a list of the things I order from Amazon over and over and over. You’ve probably heard me talk about these products before because once I find something I love, it’s safe to say that I’ll be a devoted user for years. Outside of the speedy shipping, Amazon makes reordering simple with the subscription feature on many of my favorites, and they also carry some of the more obscure products I love.

Most of my sunscreens come from there, as do many of my skincare and seasonal things to spruce up my home. Here are a few other posts you may find interesting:

Things I Order from Amazon All the Time

Health Items

Om Mushroom Hot Chocolate Blend

We watched Fantastic Fungi on Netflix and loved it! I’ve always known mushrooms have health benefits, but after watching the show, I knew I wanted to find other ways to add them to my diet. Enter this indulgent hot chocolate blend with four kinds of mushrooms and ashwagandha. It’s delicious, and we use it as an after-dinner treat instead of dessert. I realize some people might find this strange, but I know our immune system is of vital importance, and I know a strong one is critical to keep us healthy.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

Several years ago, I purchased this blender and began having a protein shake with this vegan protein powder, raw spinach or kale, frozen berries, and 1/2 a banana, with unsweetened oat milk, for breakfast every day. I drink my shake late in the morning, so I don’t get hungry until late afternoon. Since I don’t eat meat, I need one with plant protein that doesn’t taste like chalk, and this one is yummy. I can’t count how many jars of this I’ve gone through, but it’s a lot!

Valerian Capsules

Getting enough sleep is so important for our health, and the older I get, the more elusive it seems to become. When I skimp on sleep, the circles under my eyes are darker, and my complexion looks sallow. No amount of makeup can cover the lack of sleep at my age, plus it’s just unhealthy. Valerian is a natural aid for sleep that my doctor approves of, so I take two capsules each night, and it helps me not only fall asleep but stay asleep. I have this on constant replenishment. My husband prefers this Valerian liquid, but I can’t stomach its strong smell and taste. Even my capsules have an odor, but they go down the hatch quickly.

Personal Care Products

Oust Demodex Eyelid Cleanser

I suffer from ocular rosacea flare-ups, which leave me with dry and painful eyes. I talk a lot about at-home treatments for dry eyes here, but I also love using these gentle eyelid cleansing wipes. I’m so grateful a reader recommended these because they don’t sting like the Cliradex wipes I used to use and do just as good a job of cleaning the eyes.

Rogaine Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment

You’ve heard me talk again and again about my thinning hair and how my physician suggested I try 5% Rogaine for men to slow the thinning and encourage regrowth. It’s something that I truly can’t live without. If you’re suffering from thinning hair, you may enjoy this post to see some solutions I’ve come up with.

I’ve found the very best pricing on Amazon and order 3 bottles every 5-6 months. If you stop using Rogaine, the new hair will eventually thin out, so I continue to use it daily. You can see how I apply it to my hair in this blog post.

MDSolarSciences Solar Stick

I had melanoma on my leg around 20 years ago, which has made me hyper-vigilant about wearing sunscreen. I now own several of these solar sticks. One lives in my handbag, one lives in my car, and one lives in my husband’s car. Windshields are usually coated with a filter to block some rays, but seeing the sun beating onto the back of my hands as I hold the steering wheel feels like I’m damaging my skin, so I reach for this stick often. It’s not sticky or white going on, so I use it a lot.

Beauty Finds

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

I’ve been a devoted user of the Farmacy Clean Green Cleansing Balm for several years, so it’s definitely on the list of things I reorder from Amazon all the time. It leaves my face super clean and not feeling stripped. I remove my makeup with micellar water first, then follow up with the Green Clean. I haven’t settled on an all-time favorite micellar water, but I’ve just gone back to this one, which works quickly and is cruelty-free.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

This Living Proof dry shampoo goes on right after I dry my hair. I use it on clean hair because it adds volume and helps my hair look thicker. It’s also terrific for second and third-day hair when I really do need it to help freshen my hair.

Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence

Purito is a Korean skincare brand that makes eco-friendly formulations that are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, hypoallergenic, and incredibly affordable. I apply it to my face in the morning and evening, right after washing it. It has changed my skin in an amazing way! It’s become a never miss in my morning and evening routine, and it’s so affordable! I even added some to a small travel-sized bottle so I can bring it with me on my travels.

Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Disposable Razors

At-home dermaplaning has never been easier with these handy razors. They remove peach fuzz on your face and exfoliate your skin. When I don’t have time to use my Epilator, I will use these for a quick clean-up, and no…my facial hair does not grow back stubbly or thicker. I also find this helps with the flakes I get when I get zealous with my Retin-A.

Have you tried any of these products? What are some products you regularly order from Amazon? I’m sure they differ from mine.

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