What Type are You? Embracing, Enduring, or…?

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I recently read a pontification from a Physical Therapist stating: “In my PT experience, you have only two categories of exercisers: 1) Those who love to exercise; and 2) Those who don’t.”

For any fan of House of Cards (British version), I will paraphrase “you might very well think that this is an absurdly simple statement. But I couldn’t possibly comment.” 😉

Joking aside, I prefer to take a broader perspective.

Answer these 4 quick questions to evaluate your own perspective

Score your responses to the following statements (using values of 1 to 5).

 1.  I prefer days when I’m doing a lot of movement or physical activity rather than remaining quiet and sedentary.

Strongly Disagree – [1] – [2] – [3] – [4] – [5] – Strongly Agree

2.  I prefer being indoors focused on a weight-machine, treadmill or stationary bike rather than having an “exercise environment” with a strong “interest-component” like dancing, pickleball or perhaps outdoor hiking/biking.

Strongly Disagree – [1] – [2] – [3] – [4] – [5] – Strongly Agree

3.  I prefer intense fast-paced sessions like circuit training, running, swimming, spinning or stair-climbing rather than gentler exercise sessions like walking, hiking, moderate biking, yoga or dancing.

Strongly Disagree – [1] – [2] – [3] – [4] – [5] – Strongly Agree

4.  I usually feel that I can find plenty of time for exercise activities.

Strongly Disagree – [1] – [2] – [3] – [4] – [5] – Strongly Agree

Total your score to evaluate your own perspective

A score of 6 or less indicates a pretty solid Type-2.  You do not love to exercise.

A score of 16 or more puts you solidly into the camp of Type-1.  You love to exercise.

A score more than 6 but less than 16 might mean that you like the benefit of exercise but that you are probably a bit picky about what you prefer to do. There’s nothing wrong with that! Let’s call this Type-1.5.

So what?

Lots of folks beat themselves up because they can’t get onto the Type-1 (love exercise) bandwagon. Let’s just stop that. The vast majority of us are probably Type-1.5. If you belong to this group, celebrate that, it can be a sound path to Youngevity! If you move well, you age well.

And what if your score puts you into the Type-2 (does not love exercise) group? Don’t lose heart.  Take another look at questions 2 and 3. You may find something there that does sound a little appealing and that you might just want to try. If you do so, you could easily find yourself sliding into the celebrated group of Type-1.5 (liking the benefit of exercise).

But My Hair Hurts

So, what about injury? Using an injury as a “get out of exercise free card,” is seldom a good strategy. Most often appropriate movement and activity are key factors for successful rehabilitation from injury. You may know someone who has experience physical therapy with passive treatment, in which muscles and joints are moved by the therapist, since the action itself is so vital.

You may embrace exercise, simply endure it or fall somewhere in between. No matter your type, it’s important to understand (and motivate) yourself. There just isn’t any substitute for healthful movement.


Last thought for all of you Type-1.5 folks who like the benefit of exercise but who feel time-challenged. A good first step to achieving more movement is to think about cutting out any speed-bumps between you and your preferred activity. Traveling over to a gym or out to a specific trailhead might be just enough to dissuade you from following through with your good intentions on that day.

Instead try just wearing whatever you have on, assuming it’s weather-appropriate, plop into a pair of your most comfy shoes and open the door. Head out on a nice walk of whatever length. If something is truly keeping you cooped up, then an alternative could be to give PizzazzEE©25 a try. This program was designed to be truly time-efficient and plenty comprehensive enough to put any aspiring Youngevity-ninja onto a sustainable path.

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