6 Best Graduation Suits for Guys With Every Kind of Degree

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6 Best Graduation Suits for Guys With Every Kind of Degree

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Whether you’re laser-focused on C-suite glory or gunning for a gig your parents don’t understand, the right tailoring will make it all so much easier. 

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Congrats! You’re leaving college for the “real world”, but first you’ve gotta pass through the doorway that is graduation. Which explains why you’re here looking for graduation suits for guys. It’s not like you really need a suit for graduating, but it’s a cause for celebration, so why not? Especially after a few years without in-person commencements. And this ain’t like prom, bud: You’re not gonna rent a suit (at least, if you can help it). It’s purpose is grander than just post-ceremony photos and keeping your folks happy.

See, graduation may be the doorway, but the graduation suit? That’s the bridge that’ll take you from higher education to full-fledged independence. For the next few months, it’ll be the suit you wear to job interviews and the one you’ll don for your first day at your big boy job. So to help you on your journey into true, unadulterated, uh, adulthood, we hunted down the best graduation suits for guys pursuing every kind of career. We can’t guarantee that you’ll nail that first interview (we’re rooting for you, though), but we can guarantee that these suits will be great investments, whether you’re after that C-suite position, headed on to grad school, or letting the wind take you wherever it decides.

For the Wannabe C-Suiter

SuitSupply striped Havana suit

The entrepreneur, the go-getter, the guy who’s after the big seat. You didn’t rack up the hours interning at that investment firm with your sights set to anything lower than CEO. You know what they say: dress for the job you want. The resident in the corner office is looking sharp in a get-up that says they’re all about business (even if they say that the business is ‘like a family’). That means pinstripes, of course, the native pattern of Wall Street. But as with any suit, the shoulders are crucial—SuitSupply features a natural shoulder that has some structure, but is by no means what the menswear nerds call a spalla camiccia, or a shirt shoulder. If you can, consider taking it to the tailor to beef up the shoulder padding a touch to get you an even more structured look.

For the Silicon Valley Wunderkind

Buck Mason Carry-On jacket

Buck Mason Carry-On pant

Silicon Valley may be better known for zip-up hoodies and knit wool sneakers, but don’t hold your breath on that job offer if you showed up to the interview in the same outfit you wore to your 8 a.m. lectures (the ones you actually woke up for, anyway). Buck Mason’s Carry-On suit toes the line between formal and casual and, like the name suggests, is meant for traveling. After all, the tech giants haven’t quite figured out teleportation yet, but they do have to travel often.

For the Guy Who’s Still Figuring It Out, Okay?

Todd Snyder Italian wool Foundation suit jacket

Todd Snyder Italian wool Foundation suit pant

Listen, GQ, I’m only 21—does it look like I know what want to do for the rest of my life? We get it. Just because you majored in poli-sci doesn’t mean you’ll be applying for any government jobs. College majors seem to mean less and less, so don’t stress too much about having to use your degree. What’s a degree besides a confined box anyway? For the wayward grad, the best bet is to just go with a classic navy suit. In 99% of situations, it can’t go wrong. This one from Todd Snyder features beautiful Italian wool and a classic-but-tailored cut that won’t look dated no matter when you finally land that first job.

For the Lifelong Learner

Polo Ralph Lauren 1967 linen-blend herringbone jacket

Polo Ralph Lauren “Whitman” relaxed fit pleated chino

Whether you’ve got your eyes set on grad school, a PhD, or tenure, formal education is on your plate—and what says higher education more effectively than a tweed-y suit? Ralph Lauren’s suits are some of the best for the money and certainly among the best silhouettes. The 1967 suit is an homage to the very early days of Ralph Lauren with the strong shoulders, wide lapels, and countryside-style throat latch. But of course, the real professorial thing to do is to not go full suit and instead to pair that sport coat with a pressed pair of chinos.

For the Aspiring Creative Director

Our Legacy Sharp double-breasted crinkled cotton-blend blazer

Our Legacy cotton-blend tuxedo suit trousers

Chances are, you know your way around the Criterion Collection and have spent untold hours at the museum, in the studio, or moodboarding. The crystal ball has something more creative in mind and while you’re more likely to be schmoozing at cocktail parties and gallery openings than to be sitting down for a traditional interview, first impressions still matter. Our Legacy’s that IYKYK brand beloved by CDs and anyone with ‘NYC’ in their IG bio. The purposely wrinkled fabric, the slight iridescence, the gloomy lavender—everything about it says you have taste.

For the Trustafarian

Aspesi Samuraki twill suit jacket

Aspesi suit trousers

You’ve got time and a trust fund on your side, so what’s the rush? Sure, the suit will look great for the commencement, but you might abscond to Asia for a minute to decompress from four years of “studying”. Your suit should be relaxed, very un-frumpy, and certainly as care-free as you are. Aspesi’s Samuraki suit is rakishly rumpled and unlined to take away the usual structure of the stuffy suits you’re used to seeing.

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