AI and Fake Fitness Images

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It’s in the news a lot right now, how AI is making it increasingly difficult to spot fake images on the internet.

Fitness imagery has never been that realistic but in the past, here on the blog, we’ve worried about Photoshop and digitally enhanced fitness imagery. Feminists worry that women’s bodies are being judged by unrealistic standards that even fitness models themselves can’t attain.

But now the worry is a little bit different. It’s that some of the images aren’t just digitally enhanced, they’re entirely made up. AI generated images are harder and harder to tell apart from the real thing.

Me, I love photos of older active women and I often share them on our Facebook page. When I saw the picture below of the older women skateboarding it seemed like a natural thing to share and I didn’t look into its source. Some of our Facebook followers did though and it turns out that it’s image created by AI.

Skating Nanis on Instagram

Thankfully Allison, over on our Facebook page, let me know that there are older women skateboarding. She shared this story, MEET LENA, THE 64-YEAR-OLD SKATEBOARDER WHO’S INFINITELY COOLER THAN YOU.

And here’s a video about some older skateboarders.

What do you think about AI generated fitness images? I know I’ll be more cautious in the future.

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