Chico’s Soft Neutrals for Spring

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Chico's soft neutrals

Happy Thursday, friends!  Today I would like to share with you some of Chico’s soft neutrals for spring.

At the first of the year, I read somewhere that the Coastal Grandmother style colors would be out this spring…and I repeated that.

However, that information is wrong.  I have seen these soft whites, creams, tans, khaki colors in most retailers.

When I saw them last week in Chico’s, I decided these pieces were important to share with you.

So come along and enjoy Chico’s soft neutrals for spring.


Chico's soft neutrals

When I saw this very chic new color called Travelers Clambake…I saw it as a beautiful column of color for several styles.

We all know that the column of one color is slimming and quite casual chic.

My column is composed of THE TRAVELERS CLASSIC NO TUMMY PANT with the TRAVELERS REVERSIBLE TANK…V neck one way, round neck the other.

Most of us have known for years, that the travelers collection travels easily…packs small and does not wrinkle.

I topped this first look with the EMBROIDERED KIMONO in Alabaster.  I sized down to a S/M on this one. 

I also began the try on session in a Size 3 of the pant, but ended up asking for a 2 which made a big difference.

Chico's soft neutrals

Chico’s soft neutrals for spring included several lovely toppers like the first kimono.

This is the LACE SHORT JACKET and it is very pretty….perfect for special occasions.  It is based in white with a touch of gold in it.

Again, I sized down, but if you want more of the boxy fit then do not size smaller.

Chico's soft neutrals

I thought this was a lovely, creative piece for the soft neutrals of spring….and you could style many different looks with it.

I do not know if this garment is soon to be released or not, but while I was writing this post, I could not find it online.

If you are interested, it is called NATURAL KNIT CROCHET PONCHO, #570347654.

As soon as I notice it online, I will update this post.


Chico's soft neutrals

I wanted to show you the fit of this LINEN-BLEND STRETCH MOTO JACKET because in addition to classic navy, it also is available in white.

I like the fit of this jacket and believe you can do so much with styling it, so if you are looking for a spring jacket, it is worth consideration.

Chico's soft neutrals

These are the NO-STAIN WHITE GIRLFRIEND CROPS I was wearing in Tuesday’s post.

I have been shopping for a white crop and even returned a couple…but this pair said YES!  I am glad to now have it in my wardrobe.

I realize this top is not a soft neutral, but I wanted to show you the rounded hem (which is slimming) and the fun sleeves.

This is the FRINGE TIER SLEEVE TEE and does come in several colors including a soft Golden Haze.


Chico's soft neutrals

Chico’s soft neutrals for spring does include many accessories from handbags, to shoes, to jewelry, to scarves & ruanas.

This is the FRINGE CLUTCH.

Chico's soft neutrals


Remember, there will be more sales soon as Mother’s Day promotions start.

Now, here are a few more of the Chico’s soft neutrals…..

Are you still loving the Coastal Grandmother Style with it’s casual soft neutrals…please share If you are still in search of those colors and styles…then make certain that you…


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Chico's soft neutrals

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