Easter: some posts and thoughts

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Hi folks– for those who celebrate, either last Sunday or this Sunday marks Easter, a big holiday in the Christian calendar, and also a time of renewal and rebirth (plus those brightly-colored marshmallow peeps!). I love both the religious and secular aspects of Easter, as they’re about celebration and appreciation of newness in all its vulnerability. I mean, what’s more sweet and fragile than a fluffy baby chick?

Way back in 2015, I first blogged about Easter: Easter, a meditation on rebirth, renewal and change

In that post I featured lots of photos of people and animals in bunny ears (always appropriate), but also listed some changes and renewals of activities I wanted for myself.

Last year, in 2022– seven years later, I revisited the renewal theme, this time with a different set of goals. You can see them here: On Easter and Renewal

I’m gratified (and not a little surprised) to see that my 2022 list– which includes e-bike and kayak shopping as well as writing, stretching and yoga, and meditation– is still working this year in 2023! I’ve let go of some goals, as they were always only vaguely aspirational (I’m talking about you, hiking!) This leaves room for the activities and habits I most care about. And they take time and effort.

Speaking of which, on Easter in 2016 I wrote about moving religiously: On Ritual, or Moving Religiously. I didn’t write this then, but I can tell you from experience that Easter is to churches as January is to gyms: they are packed with people who will not be there again until the next cycle. Which is totally fine. We all can get swept up in popular seasonal rituals; riding those waves can be fun, even if they are short in duration. Dabbling in an activity, being a visitor rather than a regular– these are choices we make and circumstances we find ourselves in because of busy lives with lots of immoveable commitments.

Last year I bought a kayak. And it’s a beauty– you can see my post here: Catherine buys a kayak! I’ve definitely used it, but not every week or even every month (of the year). I’m glad I have it, as it’s opened up lots of places to put it and paddle happily. But I’m not using it incredibly often. We’ll see how this summer goes– I want to explore more north-of-Boston ocean bay locales with friends. I’m more of a dabbler in kayaking than a regular. But I still like riding the waves (if they’re not too big…)

These waves are definitely too big for me, but not for my friend Janet (pictured here).

I wish you all smooth surfing of whatever waves you decide to catch this spring and summer. And Happy Easter!

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