How I Style My Freshwater Pearl Jewelry With Jeans

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When most of us think about wearing pearls, we think of dressy occasions and events. Pearls do dress up an outfit and elevate any look. However, that doesn’t mean they should stay in your jewelry box if you aren’t dressed to the nines. Here is how I style my freshwater pearl jewelry with jeans.

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry With Jeans

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Wearing freshwater pearl jewelry with jeans is how I wear my pearls 85-90 percent of the time. I don’t like to purchase items and then put them on a shelf to gather dust. Freshwater pearls are beautiful and unique since each one can be a slightly different sheen or shape. I think that makes them the perfect items to wear with jeans.

Look how the pearl jewelry makes the outfit look put together and polished!

The Peggy – Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Necklace is gorgeous!!! I love the gold and pearl combination, but the adjustable front clasp is the real star of this necklace. You can wear this necklace with a fancy dress or with jeans and a T-shirt. This is a great piece that can be worn for years and then handed down to the next generation.

I love the size and shape of the Hydra – Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Baroque Hoop Earrings. They are a great medium size earring, and the double hoops are a beautiful detail. These dangles are beautiful and classy and can be dressed up or down.

I can’t decide which of these earrings is my favorite. The Hydra – Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Baroque Hoop Earrings and the Ulani – Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings are both beautiful.

I think the Ulani – Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings are a tiny bit more casual than the Hydra – Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Baroque Hoop Earrings. You could wear this pair with jeans or dresses, and I would also wear them with shorts.

The Adelina – Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings have a different vibe to them. They are carefree and have a lot of flair. I love the chandelier style with the dangles which will get a lot of attention and compliments.

Look at the intricate design and workmanship.

The blazer and jeans combination might have still been too dressy for you, so let’s switch things up. I’m sure all of you already have a tee, jeans, and a cardigan. This is the recipe for a casual everyday look, and the addition of the pearls elevates it to another level.

I love the casual look of the Kathy and Julie multi-strand necklaces. The suede cord has a boho vibe, and I love wearing these necklaces. I probably wouldn’t wear them together( but you could), but I wanted to show you the difference in the lengths. I love long necklaces, so Julie is my favorite of the two.

The Bengal – Freshwater Pearl Suede Multi-Layer Bracelet matches both necklaces. I just received the bracelet, but I wore the necklaces a lot this fall and winter. I’m wearing the Natural version on the tan cord, but there are other combinations you might like.

All three pieces have this magnetic clasp which makes them easy to put on and take off.

If you read my Freshwater Pearls Are Timeless, Classic, And Modern All At The Same Time post, then you’ve seen me wear the Alana – Hand-Knotted Leather Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace and the Amosa – Silver-Tone Freshwater Pearl Baroque Drop Earrings before.

The Amosa earrings are stunning and make a huge statement. If you have a fancy event to attend, you need these earrings!

The Alana – Hand-Knotted Leather Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace is a huge favorite of mine and is probably the necklace I reach for the most often. I love its versatility and all the different ways you can style and wear it. Here is a video that shows the different ways I wore it:

YouTube video

I love the Euphrates bracelets! I’m not sure which color I like the best; white or this dark grey. These are stretch bracelets so they are easy to slip on and off. That is perfect for anyone with arthritis or mobility issues.

The next two necklaces I’m showing are also lariat necklaces. These necklaces are crafted with stones that are beautiful and can be worn all year round.

I love the Amazonite beads! The soft-colored stones are beautiful to look at and are known as healing “hope” stones.

Look at how beautiful these beads are. I love all the different color variations.

Laurie is the last necklace I’m wearing, but she is definitely not last in my heart. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones. I love the colors and turquoise symbolizes creativity, tranquility, love, joy, and friendship. Turquoise is a calming stone for good fortune, plus it is one of December’s birthstones. Did you know that there were three?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my freshwater pearl jewelry with jeans post. Be sure to use my code Tania15 for 15% off your entire order.

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