Irina and Micah’s Friendship Looks Rocky in the Aftermath of Love Is Blind

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Season 4 of Netflix’s hit dating experiment / reality show Love Is Blind brought more pod-based romance to our screens, and a whole lot of relationship drama—some of which was of the platonic variety.

Irina and Micah became besties over the course of the show, but were soon dubbed the “mean girls” of Season 4 due to what some might call callous behavior towards their fellow cast members, and the other female contestants in particular—at one point, they were both caught on camera laughing at the other women in the show who were crying.

But the duo’s friendship hit a rocky patch of its own once they left the pods and got hitched to their respective partners; Irina to Zack, and Micah to Paul.

While on their joint honeymoon, Irina flirted with Micah’s husband Paul at a pool party, and made a shocking confession to Micah over drinks that drove a wedge between the two women, admitting that she was harboring feelings for Paul.

“Me seeing Paul, I was honestly way more attracted to him than Zack,” she said. “I did feel romance with Paul.”

Micah, somewhat understandably, took the news hard, and things haven’t been the same between her and Irina ever since.

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Ahead of the upcoming live reunion episode, Micah has shed some light on where she stands with Irina these days.

“After everything that happened with Paul, I was unsure if we would continue to be friends,” Micah said in a recent interview with told E! News. “In the moment, everything is so heightened. I felt so betrayed by my friend. So, I took a step back.”

Micah continued that while she she remains uncertain as to whether she and Irina will ever be as close as they were, she knows that her friend was just trying to be honest in that moment.

“Irina has always tried to be a good friend to me besides those moments,” she continued. “She does have a big heart that’s not being seen. What the future has in store for our friendship? I don’t know. But it is hard seeing her go through this, too.”

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