Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: A Texas ranch luncheon

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Texas ranch luncheon

Happy last Monday of April, friends!  What a wonderful weekend this was…and today you can join In my Mother-of-the-groom journey at a Texas ranch luncheon!

We are in full wedding swing headed toward the big event at the end of next month, so it was an honor to join family and special friends at a Texas ranch luncheon to honor the bride and groom.

Because you voiced interest in this event, today is a long post from fashion to the Texas ranch luncheon itself.

I hope you enjoy this special day…so saddle up…and let’s get started. 


 Texas ranch luncheon

I confess…this Texas ranch luncheon was a tough one to plan for.  I did not know how rustic the setting would be, or what the weather would be like.  The invitation said CASUAL.

I could have gone many directions and changed my mind often.

It turned out that a front blew through the night before and the weather was breezy and cool…actually perfect…and perfect for me to wear this Chico’s cardigan.

So, I selected this washable silk magic dress in salmon that I had purchased at our local Elizabeth’s Boutique.

Though, I could’ve gone much more casual in jeans or a denim skirt, I felt good in this dress and do not regret wearing it.

I could’ve purchased the cardigan in white or a turquoise blue, but I believe I will wear it more in the navy.  I just do not enjoy wearing cool colors any longer….not my best.

The necklace has already been worn often and it is the SOUTHERN LIVING NECKLACE FROM DILLARD’S.

Texas ranch lucheon

I love these new Jack Rogers Collins Casual Sandals, and I like the way they looked with this outfit.  I will be wearing them often this summer.

However, the setting was more rustic than I originally thought it would be and I did regret not having better shoes on to fight the sticker plants.  

Good reason why many wore their boots!  

I also want to add how impressed I am with the Jack Rogers shoes overall…the comfort level is excellent and I love the designs.

Texas ranch luncheon

The happy couple looked their Texas casual best and were ready to have a good time!

So, let’s look at this ranch…..


Texas ranch luncheon

It has almost been seventy years that I have lived in Texas and had the opportunity to live in all parts of the state.

I firmly believe that each section of the state has its own beauty, and that is the same for the South Texas ranches….so refreshing, lovely, and throughly Texan.

Texas ranch luncheon

a Texas ranch luncheon

Texas ranch luncheon

This was one of those afternoons where you just wanted to take the freshly squeezed lemonade and “sit a spell” on the front porch.

Each field was filled with wildflowers and butterflies.

And many of the trees were majestic and probably hundreds of years old….in fact, the eating tables for the Texas ranch luncheon were set under such a tree.


Texas ranch luncheon

Two of my grandsons are here welcoming you to one of the casitas on the property.

In case you are not familiar with the term, a casita is a small house or other building on a ranch and common to Texas.

On this beautiful ranch, the casitas were much like log cabins.

Texas ranch luncheon

Texas ranch luncheon

These two pictures are just a very small sampling of the perfect Texas/French country decor.

What makes it even more special, is the interior decorator was the father-of-the-bride!

He loves to do interior decorating and loves to shop antiques….and if you saw the casitas you would understand just how good he is with his passion.

Texas ranch luncheon

Texas ranch luncheon

My oldest grandson would go into each room and say…I love this, I could live here, it is so comfortable…I love comfortable places.

And is was cozy and comfortable for all of us at the Texas ranch luncheon.


Texas ranch luncheon

Texas ranch luncheon

Of course, the main event was the Texas ranch luncheon itself!

It was a perfect event with sunflowers, and seed packets decorating all of the tables…I think my grandchildren are ready to rush home and become gardeners.

Texas ranch luncheon

The children loved the sunflower decorated cookies and cupcakes, the fresh lemonade, and playing “washers”…my oldest grandson won and took away all of the MOON PIE prizes!

You might be thinking that there had to be bugs…but there were none…oh an occasionally fly…but the others must have gone into town for Fiesta.

Texas ranch luncheon

A good time was celebrated by all.

I love these opportunities to get the know the bride’s family and friends better…we are so blessed to soon be in a family together.

They are a wonderful family.

Texas ranch luncheon

One big moment for me was watching my four-year-old grandson become a host.

On his own, he picked wildflowers to give to some of the ladies.

Then he ran and welcomed his uncle and bride-to-be with a cup of fresh lemonade.

So impressive…and he warmed the depths of my heart.

Texas ranch luncheon

As the mother-of-the-groom, I have done my best to purchase clothing that flows with the majority of my wardrobe and then I know I will wear the outfits again.

Several women wore the very appropriate white cotton blouses, with denim, and beautiful silver jewelry pieces.

But, I did feel confident and comfortable…so I am pleased with this choice.

Now, you are welcome to ask me any questions.  There were a few of you who commented that they wanted all of the details on this event.

I think I covered it, but if not just ask…it was so well done and a lovely lovely way to attend a Texas ranch luncheon.


By Pamela Lutrell

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Texas ranch luncheon

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