Style for a casual life: 4 easy ways to dial up your look

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It can be a challenge to feel stylish when your wardrobe needs are primarily very casual and practical. Here are 4 of the best (& easy!) ways to make your casual outfits look pulled together.

Many of you have mentioned recently that your lifestyle is very casual. Perhaps you live somewhere that’s very rural or relaxed, or have caretaking responsibilities, or pastimes that require more practical attire. Here are three of my favorite tips to feel pulled together and confident in your casual wardrobe.

Add a third piece

A jacket, cardigan, a lightweight shirt worn open over a tank or tee, or even a sweater draped over the shoulders will work. A third piece makes an outfit look more finished and intentional.

But a third piece doesn’t have to be another layer of clothing. A hat or can also function as a third piece outfit “finisher.” And if it’s too warm to wear around your neck, you can always try a headscarf!

Add structure

There are many ways to add structure to casual outfits that don’t involve stiff fabrics, precise tailoring, or formality. (For those with a more Classic style personality, here are more tips just for you.)

A belt is one way to create a more finished and intentional appearance with casual separates. A belt adds structure and a point of interest to simple outfits. You can add a belt when you tuck or half-tuck your tops, or add over a loose top or dress to corral the volume.

Another way to add structure is with a collared top. A classic or band collar will work, even if the rest of the garment is loose or soft.

A third way to add structure is to show a little skin, wrists and/or ankles is enough. Turn back sleeves and cuff your pants. (It will also help keep you cooler during warmer months. And you can show off your favorite bracelets.)

Add texture and/or shine

Vary the textures within your outfit to add points of interest. I’m a big fan of metallic shoes and sandals for adding a touch of oomph to simple and casual outfits. You might be surprised at how versatile metallics can be! There’s also a good selection of raffia shoes and bags out now (perfect for warmer weather), as well as woven leather and non-leather bags and shoes.

Jewelry can be another way to add shine and/or texture to your look. With a casual outfit, one or two signature pieces is often enough.

Give ’em some lip 💋

I’ve always been a lipstick girl, and still love the finishing touch a little color adds, even if I’m not wearing other makeup. I like moisturizing formulas with just a little bit of shine. Favorites include Chantecaille Lip Chic for both moisture and lasting color, and Chanel Rouge Coco (the original formula).

If your style is more au naturel, there are some nice tinted balms and stains on the market now. Burt’s Bees has a loyal fan base. And I’ve tried this one from Kosas and liked it, though I wish they had some lighter/brighter shades.

Do you have favorite styling tricks for your casual outfits?

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