The New York Jets Are More Interesting Than Ever

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FLORHAM PARK NEW JERSEY  APRIL 26 New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers poses with a jersey during an introductory...

FLORHAM PARK, NEW JERSEY – APRIL 26: New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers poses with a jersey during an introductory press conference at Atlantic Health Jets Training Center on April 26, 2023 in Florham Park, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)Elsa/Getty Images
New QB Aaron Rodgers is many things, but he is not boring.

Fifty-five years ago, it was Joe Willie Namath and his fur coats. Now? It’s Aaron Rodgers, those aviators he just can’t quit, and the overwhelming podcaster energy that radiates from his every psychedelic-infused pore.

For pretty much the last half-century, the New York Jets have been some combination of laughing stock, plucky underdogs, and always-the-bridesmaid-never-the-bride playoff participant. The Jets have not been to a Super Bowl since Namath and the boys won it all in ‘69. But with Monday’s announcement that the long-rumored trade for Rodgers had been completed, things are looking slightly different in the Meadowlands. 

Any way you slice it, Rodgers is one of the ten best quarterbacks to ever lace up a pair of cleats. If you’re categorizing by pure talent, he’s probably top three. The all-encompassing resume speaks for itself: 10 Pro Bowls, four MVPs, one ring, three hours in the studio with Joe Rogan, four days at a recent darkness retreat in southern Oregon.

That last bit is part of how Rodgers ended up in New York after 18 seasons in Green Bay. After the 2022 season wrapped up—with his Packers missing the playoffs for the first time in three years—the mercurial quarterback just needed to free his mind, man. That led him to Sky Cave Retreats, a whisper away from the Oregon-California border. Following the hallucinations and pitch black introspection—as well as a few trips to the bathroom that he so beautifully explained as, “I didn’t even think I needed a wipe”—Rodgers said he felt a vibe shift and it became clear to him that the Packers were ready to see other people. 

Smash cut to Monday, when the contract details were hammered out, one of the sports memes of the year was born, and Rodgers officially swapped shades of green.

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From a football standpoint, the move vaults the Jets firmly back into the postseason picture, and gives them a chance to break the NFL’s longest active playoff drought. Even at 39 years old, Rodgers can do things with a football that Namath could only dream of. In 2022 (a down year by Rodgers’ standards), he still tossed 26 touchdowns. That was his tenth-most as a full-time starter, but would have been tied for third in Jets’ history. The Jets’ single-season record for touchdown passes, by the way, belongs to Ryan Fitzpatrick, which tells you everything you need to know about the history of this team’s quarterbacking.

And from an entertainment standpoint? Hoo boy! Rodgers is a man who has spoken with varying degrees of fervor about the following: ayahuasca, his suspicion of the COVID vaccine, Jeffrey Epstein, 9/11 conspiracies, and Robert Kennedy Jr.’s presidential run (he seemed to support it), among other topics almost never addressed by superstar professional athletes. He’s already walking barefoot around the team facility, for some reason. He refers to himself as a critical thinker. Others have used different terms.

It seems more or less guaranteed that the Jets will be a must-watch team this year, and in ways we can’t even know yet. As my editor (and tortured Jets fan) explained to me, “Before playing a single game, Aaron Rodgers instantly becomes the best Jets quarterback of my lifetime, and quite possibly in franchise history. I am registering for Super Bowl tickets, and I can’t wait to see the insanely painful and hilarious way things go south.”

There’s really no reason this unit shouldn’t be able to put up points. Rodgers will have some fun toys to play with, and the offensive depth chart is littered with first-round picks, but it’s also important to remember that these are literally the Jets. Dysfunction runs deep with this organization. And, for years, it’s manifested most prominently under center.

Last year that position was manned by Zach Wilson (who is straight out of central casting for a Gen Z Karate Kid villain), the Mike White who didn’t create White Lotus, washed icon Joe Flacco, and a man named Chris Streveler, who was basically doing Tim Tebow cosplay. After a November loss to the Patriots where Wilson & Co. scored three points and totaled two total yards in the second half, head coach Robert Saleh described their performance as “dogshit.”    

With a more experienced man slinging the rock, a few breakouts who should thrive with a competent QB at the helm, and even one of Rodgers’ boys from Green Bay in wide receiver Allen Lazard, the Jets have now at least guaranteed that they won’t be dogshit television. There’s trainwreck potential, to be clear—but those are famously hard to take your eyes off as well. Bringing Rodgers into the fold likely secures the Jets a few primetime games, too, which should be a fun and different vibe than what Gang Green’s fans have become accustomed to. The Jets fly into their upcoming season with the reigning Rookies of the Year on offense and defense, in Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner (making them just the third team ever to have both), a solid offensive line, and a fearsome pass rush. That’s a recipe for a pretty good team, and if Rodgers really gets cooking, the meal could be phenomenal.

He could also, you know, lobby for Andrew Tate to be the offensive coordinator by Week 6. Stay tuned!   

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