Tiffany and Brett’s Love Is Blind Connection Seems Too Good to Be True

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EVEN AFTER three seasons full of explosive moments, Love Is Blind has managed to top itself yet again, and the fourth season just might be one of its most dramatic yet. From a couple breaking up just days after getting engaged, to an intense love triangle that many fans think is still ongoing, there’s been no shortage of shocking moments, and with the weddings and reunions still yet to air, anything could happen next.

But in the midst of all of this drama, one bright and steady spot has been the relationship between Tiffany and Brett. The two paired off pretty early during the experiment, and they connected through mature and open conversations about family, love, and their careers. They had one brief but hilarious issue when Brett confessed his feelings for Tiffany, and she didn’t answer…only for the camera to reveal that she had fallen asleep. Brett quickly forgave her, and they became the first couple to get engaged in the pods.

During their Mexico vacation with the rest of the couples, we saw their connection grow even deeper, and they managed to avoid the drama with the other couples while offering their insight to their friends. Once they moved back home, Tiffany and Brett easily agreed that she would move into this apartment, with Brett even offering to move into a bigger space to make Tiffany feel more comfortable.

But is their connection too good to be true? Here’s what you need to know about where Tiffany and Brett are now.

Are Tiffany and Brett From Love Is Blind still together?

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The rest of the season saw Tiffany and Brett meet each other’s friends, exchange “I love you’s,” and go shopping for outfits for their upcoming wedding. Things were going well, but Tiffany did have a teary conversation with Brett where she revealed that she was stressed with wedding planning and trying to keep up with work. Brett quickly reassured her that everything would work out, and to further soothe her worries, he took her on a surprise date where they boarded a seaplane that took them to a beautiful dinner.

Later, Tiffany met Brett’s father and brother, and they quickly gave their approval. Next, we’ll see the couple’s wedding, and while there was a little cliffhanger with whether or not the two will say yes to each other, our bets are on Tiffany and Brett becoming husband and wife.

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