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Listen to SELF magazine’s spring workout playlist

Spring workout playlist

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“Lifting weights has turned working out from a penance that I resent into something more like a science experiment—what can my body do if I invest in it? Can I pick up my own body weight? (I can.) Can I get my suitcase into the overhead bin without help? (You betcha.) Can I get rid of my constant shoulder pain from being a professional computer gremlin? (Sort of—but you still need an ergonomic desk setup, kids!) Can I quiet the voices telling me the only reason to move my body is to make it smaller? (Yes—not all the time, but more than I ever dreamed was possible.) Thanks to weight lifting, I’ve found a new and honestly revelatory relationship to exercise and to my body in my 30s—and Johnston’s writing was my gateway.”

A Voice of Reason in the Workout World
Entertainment musts from Julie Beck

By Kelli María Korducki, The Atlantic

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“Due out this summer, The Engine Inside follows six people from around the world, and their lives with bikes. Through each character’s story, the film uncovers the often-overlooked potential of the bike. The film explores the impact bikes have on such global issues as physical and mental health, socio-economic inequality, infrastructure, and climate change.”

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