Ethan Hawke Goes Full Chill Dad at Cannes

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Ethan Hawke Goes Full Chill Dad at Cannes

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Here’s how to copy his perfectly rumpled linen fit at home. 

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This weekend, celebs descended upon France for this year’s Cannes Film Festival decked out in their glitziest looks to get first looks at cinema’s most anticipated movies. Among the star-packed event, Ethan Hawke stood out in characteristically chill fashion. Like any megawatt star, he graced the red carpets and photo calls in supremely tailored suits, once in a slick, all-black number and another in a beige pinstripe suit and contrasting striped shirt. Respectable fits on their own, no doubt, but more of a once-in-a-blue-moon maneuver for most laypeople who don’t have many paparazzi-lined events to attend. 

Alex Crane Kite linen chore coat

Break away from the usual solid chore coats and opt for a patterned version instead.

Alex Crane Cham linen pants

People of the world! Stripe up your life!

Hawke’s suit between movie premiers, on the other hand, was more quotidian. He touched down in Cannes for the premier of his latest film, Strange Way of Life, wearing a rakishly rumpled light blue linen two-piece composed of a chore coat and fatigue-style pants—a very chill reminder that suits don’t have to be a formal affair. Topped off with a trucker hat from The Continental Club merch store, classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, Adidas skate shoes, and a graphic tee, the whole ensemble is giving next-gen chill dad who grew up on both The Clash and Willie Nelson.

The matching linen set is a quick style hack that knocks out two pieces in one go without much brain power involved. You could conceivably roll out of bed and toss this on without anyone thinking otherwise. Who knows—maybe that’s what exactly what Hawke did. With a hat to cover up any sign of bed head and sunglasses to obfuscate droopy eyes, we’d be none the wiser. Only Hawke will know the truth. What we know for sure, though, is that his outfit is one we’re stealing this summer.

The Continental Club trucker hat

The guy knows good merch when he sees it.

Adidas Busenitz Pro shoes

Ethan Hawke probably can’t beat Tony Hawk in a game of S.K.A.T.E., but he’s got the right shoes to not look like a total mall grabber.

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