If Shonda Rhimes Had “Coronated” Charles, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:47am

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I’ve never understood American’s fascination with the British royalty. While all countries enjoy ritual — we have the Met Gala, and the NBA All-Star game after all — why so much interest in London’s variety? Doesn’t seem to be political, as one of my avowed socialist acquaintances is the most fervent fan I know. In any case, I’m neither a historian nor a sociologist and therefore have no particularly insightful, well, insights into the phenomena.

But I’ve been watching Queen Charlotte, the most recent of the Bridgerton series. Absent overt analysis, without any spoilers for your Netflix experience, let me present my interpretation of today’s coronation fashions. In the tradition of the great Shonda Rhimes:

The Queen of Lesotho, Masenate Mahot Seeiso — via WWW

Queen of Lesotho in a blue dress

(Absolute perfection.)

The Queen of My Heart, Joanna Lumley — via WWW

Joanna Lumley in a navy dress with white hat

(Those shoes. I’m hers for life.)

The Queen of Malaysia, Tunka Aziza  — via WWW

The queen of Malaysia in a yellow outfit

(The king looks pretty grumpy but maybe his feet hurt.)

And finally, since we must represent the home nation,

Princess Anne of Great Britain — via WWW

Princess Anne of Great Britain

(Git you some tassels!)

And if anyone wants to discuss below why we are now saying, “coronated,” rather than “crowned,” and for that matter, “gifted” instead of the perfectly serviceable “given,” I’m here for it. To be honest I’m here for all of it but hey, gotta use those current idioms that we do support, in fairness.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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