Monday Musings: Detail Overload and Modern Eyelet OOTW

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I’ve walked out of several stores lately, shaking my head and wondering what their designers are thinking. Classic brands I could rely on for simple, well-tailored pieces are serving up gaudy, over-the-top details that are, frankly, not done well. Boho that is done well is distinctive and recognizable. This stuff is just a mess.

That’s not to say that brands shouldn’t adjust their offerings to align with what’s popular, but sheesh, don’t totally abandon your client base! I’d be curious to know what brands you used to shop at that have changed their “style” to the point that you struggle to find things you’re looking for.



Eyelet is one of those quintessential warm-weather fabrics that signal spring for many women. Our mannequin on Saturday was modeling an eyelet blouse that posed some styling challenges. Several readers mentioned the desire to cut off details to tone the garment down, and I understood their reasoning. Eyelet has similar characteristics to lace and is an inherently feminine fabric (you seldom see men wearing it). A little eyelet trim is often all you need to get the look.

Tiny rant

Sadly, many brands are taking this already feminine fabric and dolling it up with smocking, puffs, ruffles, tiers, contrast edging, and frills to the point of overload. I’ve seen too many garments lately that would not look out of place on a 5-year-old! That’s sad when the clientele is predominantly over 50+. Grown women shouldn’t have to feel silly wearing a fabric because brands get carried away.

When I think of the dreaded “mutton dressed as lamb” idiom, it doesn’t usually mean looking silly or juvenile. I’m doing more online shopping these days to find brands that are not on the Little House on the Prairie bandwagon. Eyelet should add a touch of femininity to one’s look, not make you appear to be wearing a vintage doily…rant over.

Outfit of the week

This week’s outfit of the week takes a more straightforward approach to eyelet. Most eyelet I’m spotting is white, so I decided to focus on some color to see how that would look. If girly is your vibe, you may find this less than appealing, but here goes.


The shirt is navy, but it’s hard to see the detail in this picture. I’d plan on wearing the shirt open over a navy tank. If the shirt is buttoned, I’d wear a nude cami or tank so it’s invisible. I paired it with slightly distressed, cropped jeans, a linen baseball cap, platform sneakers, and chunky silver hoops to finish this casual look.


Is eyelet on your styler radar this spring?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.

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