Ramit Sethi’s Tips For Living Your “Rich Life” Are Shockingly Simple

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Finance expert Ramit Sethi doesn’t think you take your “rich life” seriously enough. The boisterous host of Netflix’s new show How To Get Rich sat down with Men’s Health for our “Men’s Wealth” segment to give concise but practical tips on how living rich isn’t as expensive as you may think. And it all starts with looking at money as a tool, not a burden.

“We’ve gotta stop talking about it as if there is something wrong with money. ‘Oh God, I gotta pay this thing off. It sucks,'” Sethi says. “How about ‘How can I use money to get that? And how can I stop worrying about money and even start feeling good about it?”

As someone who admits to accidentally wasting $100,000 on useless software, Sethi encourages people to expect mistakes on their path to living rich. But, they must first know what a rich life is for them. In the video, Sethi explains how the more specific you are about your rich life goals, the closer you can get to them. That’s why Sethi feels someone who wants the freedom to do whatever they want doesn’t truly understand what a rich life is for them compared to someone who wants to be able to pick their kids up from school every afternoon.

Sethi has tips for you on how to get out of your way to start investing, the dangers of ignoring money, and why making financial mistakes is not only ok, it’s to be expected. But, if all else fails, remember his money mantra: “Spend extravagantly on the things you love as long as you cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t.

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