The importance and beauty of history

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importance and beauty of history

Happy Monday! I had originally planned to show you Fiesta Regalia in the Sunday post, but as I sat down to write, it became more about the importance and beauty of history.

Warning…I am going to give you my opinion on some things happening in the world…that I do not consider to be political at all.

But, the current movement in my own country to delete the importance and beauty of history is very concerning to me.

I love history and took extra history courses in college…courses no longer deemed to be of value.

So, let’s walk through the importance of history by discussing this weekend’s coronation of King Charles, and with San Antonio’s celebration of Fiesta.


importance of history

I know that royalty can be controversial.  However, let’s set the controversies aside and appreciate the beauty and the historical significance.

The importance of history is demonstrated in my own city with the Fiesta celebration.

Feast your eyes on a few of the gowns worn this year by members of the royal court.  Many of the gowns are also part of a display in our Witte Museum.

They are truly works of art, and remind me of the robe placed on King Charles during the regalia ceremony…the fabulous gold one with pink roses.

importance of history

Fiesta was first celebrated in 1891 to honor the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of Jacinto.

It is a celebration of state history; city history; and fund raising for many non-profits throughout the city including vast scholarship funds.

Yes, it includes pomp & circumstance…appreciating this beauty and the art is important for us to pass down to everyone.

importance of history

Each non-profit and service organization selects representatives for the royal court…they wear the amazing dresses.

The court is diverse and includes lovely ladies from all walks of life.

Every year, the gown designs follow a theme.  This year it was the Magic of Morocco, with Moroccan inspired designs.

importance of history

Some of the court selections are made from family history and involvement with Fiesta.

There are families living here directly related to those who fought in the battles and were key players in the founding of Texas.

As a born and bred Texan, that gives me state pride every time a wreath is laid before the Alamo during the Battle of Flowers Parade.

For those of us who live and raise children and grandchildren here, the importance of history with Fiesta is vital…or we will not fully appreciate the party.

During the parades, I witnessed large, diverse crowds standing together as the American Flag walked by and waving Texas flags.

The importance of history always includes patriotism.


importance of history

I only watched a portion of the coronation, but was so taken with the importance and beauty of history.

The beauty was not only evident in clothing and robes, but also in music and ceremony.

It was reverent and patriotic for Great Britain.

I watched from the actual crowning of the King until they walked out on to the balcony and there were moments that stirred my sole and made me jealous of the unity of the thousands in attendance.

I appreciated the King and Queen’s desire to ride in that amazing gold state carriage.

It  was first created in 1831, weighs 8000 pounds, and was reported to be a very bumpy, uncomfortable ride.

However, for that mile ride, they chose to celebrate the importance and beauty of history.

The carriage with the eight horses was truly fabulous and when they rode under signs which read, Happy & Glorious, I just had to smile.

This coronation was patriotic, diverse, artistic, and beautiful to watch and appreciate.

Well done.


importance and beauty of history

“There is no better teacher than history in determining the future. There are answers worth billions of dollars in a $30 history book.” – Charlie Munger.

Countries are destroyed by removing and changing history.

In America, as strong mature women, we must stand up for history to be taught to our youth…the good, the bad and the ugly.

Or we are doomed to repeat it.  The lessons in each event are vast.

We must also teach artistic appreciation of the beauty in history, and not just jump on a bandwagon to attack what surrounds that beauty.

Fiesta is steeped in artistic talent…the coronation of the King was as well. 

The role celebrations play in establishing patriotism of any country or state is also quite critical.

Appreciate the events… then if you want to listen to pundits rip them apart, it is your choice.

But beware of the future that attempts to erase the past.

That is what is on my heart today…I hope you enjoyed the dresses…let me know if you have your own thoughts about the importance and beauty of history…..and I will see you tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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importance of history

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