These Flex Power Tools Are Up to 50% Off at Lowe’s

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Any well-rounded toolkit should include a cordless drill and impact driver. Together, they will allow you to tackle simple and complex jobs, whether you’re working in construction or your wood shop. If you don’t already own either, Lowe’s is offering up to 50 percent off Flex power tools, allowing you to save on a cordless drill, impact driver, and their accessories.

Flex 24-V 1/4-In. Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

24-V 1/4-In. Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

Flex 24-V 1/4-In. Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

Now 50% Off

The most considerable discount is on the Flex 24-volt ¼-inch Cordless Impact Driver, which is 50 percent off, down from $199 to $100. As we explain in our roundup of the best impact drivers, these tools provide you with more torque and power than traditional drills, making it much easier to drive screws, nuts, and bolts into materials like wood, metal, and cement. While the model on sale is a step down from the one our editors recommend, it features a brushless motor capable of producing 150 foot-pounds of torque and a built-in LED to illuminate your work area.

Flex 24-V 1/2-In. Brushless Cordless Drill

24-V 1/2-In. Brushless Cordless Drill

Flex 24-V 1/2-In. Brushless Cordless Drill

Now 45% Off

Lowe’s is also offering the Flex 24-volt ½-inch Cordless Drill for 45 percent off, down from $179 to $99. Like the best cordless drills we recommend, Flex’s offers a brushless motor with enough torque to drill into masonry. This model has two-speed settings, providing greater versatility. The drill is compact and relatively lightweight at 6.12 pounds, giving you better maneuverability.

Each of these Flex tools comes with two 24-volt 2.5 amp-hour batteries and a 160-watt charger, which you can use with the brand’s lineup of 24-volt tools. It’s good value for your money if you plan to purchase other compatible Flex power tools. These deals run through July 20, so you have some time.

Shop Flex 24-V ¼-In. Cordless Impact Driver

Shop Flex 24-V ½-In. Cordless Drill

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