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It’s Bike Month – Yay!!!

Muppets on bikes Not only is June a fantastic time to get out and enjoy the outdoors on your…

Night Kayaking in Costumes

Wonder Woman and a boy of about 11 paddled by on light-bedecked standup boards. “He’s never done this before”…

Top Ten May 2023 Posts, #ICYMI

Cate’s still menstruating post was the most read post in May. It’s usually in the top ten. And it’s often first.…

It’s a good thing I’m not a plant

This has been an incredibly raw and challenging month but I’ve have been doing my very best to take…

Go live your best life!

Thursday was my six month check in with the knee surgeon. I passed the flexion tests with flying colours.…

It’s International Starting-Over Day! (well, it ought to be)

I’ve noticed something lately: I’m finding myself having to start over with several patterns that I hoped had turned…

FIFI book club: “You just need to lose weight” and 19 other myths about fat people

CW: in-depth discussion of anti-fatness myths and people’s experiences around body shaming. If you haven’t heard about Aubrey Gordon,…

Walking across the Rwanda-Burundi border

I walked from Rwanda into Burundi this morning. A few steps across the border, the road was nearly empty.…

Critical Mass Ride

On Saturday I joined my first-ever Critical Mass Ride in Ottawa. These are rides where large groups of people…

Go Team 2023: Cut Yourself Some Slack

My last two posts have been really introspective and reflective as I slowly adjust to a world without my…

Eleven knee supporting exercises I do pretty much everyday, you know, in case you were curious

I’ve written a few times about things we can do for our knees and about just how much physio…

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