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Finishing the January challenges

A couple of days ago, I posted this on FB: I am on a lot of streaks and challenges…

Getting Outdoors in 2023

I’m not sure where the month of January went, but it seemed in a hurry to get there. Time…

Breathe and Blossom—What I Learned at a Biathlon Clinic

In the spirit of “welcome”, my word of the year, I’m trying to open myself to the flow of…

Top Ten January 2023 Posts, #ICYMI

This is list is striking for two things. So many of the posts are from years past! I also…

Go Team 2023! If all else fails, please, please, please be kind to yourself.

Well, Team, like the title implies, the single most important thing I want you to have gotten out of…

February is real but March might be fictional: Christine’s experiments with fitness planning continue

I confess.  Despite my best intentions, I never quite got a grip on Planuary.  At the end of December,…

Canada’s Ultimate Challenge: Go Lori!

“Lori Campbell is an associate vice president of Indigenous engagement at the University of Regina. Born at Montreal Lake…

Falling off the no shopping wagon while travelling

The first six months of not shopping were pretty easy in lots of ways. There was nothing I needed.…

Themes from riding in the Arizona sunshine

As this blog post is published my flight home from Arizona will be touching down at Pearson airport in…

Go Team 2023! Systems Check

I only have three more posts in this January series so I wanted to reiterate three important things for…

The Dalai Lama sticks his tongue out often, and other lessons from his Happiness Challenge

January is almost over, and with it comes a slowdown of the New Year’s challenges that show up in…

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