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Mlemsday with Fancy

Over on Twitter, the cats who rule the internet have deemed Wednesday to be Mlemsday and everyone posts pictures…

I Survived Thrived Through a Winter of Cycling

I wrote about my idea of cycling through the winter here and here. Sam wrote about it here, and…

Grieving the Loss of a Feminist Friend

On Sunday, my world got just a little darker when one of my oldest friends died suddenly. I first…

Nowruz Mubarak

Happy New Year, if you happen to be of Persian, Afghan or (many parts of) central Asian origin. To…

Sam survives the darkest winter in 80 years

It didn’t just feel like a really dark and gloomy winter. It was a very dark and gloomy winter.…

Catherine’s no-buying-until-July plan: how’s it really going?

Like a number of the FIFI bloggers (and of course inspired by Mina, who did it first and showed…

To listen, read, and watch on the weekend before spring begins, #ListenReadWatch

To listen Episode 259 of Forever 35 on body liberation with Chrissy King Forever 35 “Kate attempts to dip…

Working from home? I need your advice

What a month it has been for me! I have had some changes in my personal life, and my…

Cane storage while bike riding

This knee issue has me googling odd things. The latest? Where to store your cane while riding your bike.…

My fitness journal, Part 1: Swimming

I want to focus on some swimming goals. My past performances are going to help me shape my swimming…

Kincardine Women’s Triathlon Is Kind of Back (new name, new location)

Image description: logo with three black horizontal lines sloping upward, getting progressively shorter, over top of the words “lakeshore…
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