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Early Retirement Resources 5/30/2023

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend to kick off summer as we remember those who have served our…

Tips for First Time Travelers to Vietnam

The first Vietnam travel tip: shop at the local markets. Note: This post, originally published in July 2017, was…

Reinventing Yourself Isn’t Easy

Last week, I wrote about my latest gig – Being a Food Delivery Driver. It’s a good short-term gig.…

Visitor Guide: What to Do in Málaga Spain

Málaga’s Roman Theater and the Alcazaba above it, at night. More than 2,000 years of history right in the…

The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain

The red and white striped horseshoe arches of the original mosque are the Mosque-Cathedral’s most iconic feature. The Mosque-Cathedral…

How to Launch a Business in 24 Hours

Three in five Americans (61 percent) have had an idea for starting a business, yet 92 percent never turned…

My Best Early Retirement Advice

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! We are going to visit the Thai Temple, drink some wine at the…

The Cathedral of Málaga, Spain

The unusual ceiling of the Cathedral of Málaga. The Cathedral of Málaga (Catedral de Málaga,) also known as the…

I Wondered, Could We Live On Social Security Alone? 

I take great pride in the way we chose to live a frugal life so that we could retire…

Credit Score for Beginners

Lenders and creditors use credit scores to assess how financially responsible you are. Your score impacts the loans you…

Investment Risks: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

I’ve noticed a couple common threads in investment planning conversations across investors of various experience levels and account balances.…

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